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What Happened at Braley Pond?

About the podcast

Located in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, Braley Pond is a popular recreational area located 30 minutes outside of Staunton, Virginia. It’s also one of the most haunted campsites in the United States. Reports of spirits hovering above the water there, and the sounds of laughing children have been heard at night. Though rumors of at least one suicide have been reported there, the 2003 gang murder of Christopher S. Kennedy is what most locals believe is the cause of Braley Pond’s mysterious paranormal occurrences.

Six months after Kennedy’s murder, Shea Willis and her friend Chris Pugh, two well-known local paranormal investigators, took a trip to Braley Pond to investigate the hauntings themselves. What they found was unlike anything they’d ever experienced before.

What Happened at Braley Pond is a 9-part exploratory podcast about our need to understand the unknown. It’s about our search for bigger truths, about life and death and the hereafter, about our need for connection, not just with each other, but with the loved ones we’ve lost in our lives.

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