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Episode Six: The Shadow People

Episode Six: The Shadow People

Episode Six: The Shadow People

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR My name is Charlie Moss and I’ve been a freelance journalist and writer for more than 10 years. I’ve written for The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Slate, Vice, The Bitter Southerner, and other publications. I also used to work for an online camping magazine called The Dyrt. It was there that I wrote about a haunted campground just outside of Staunton, Virginia. The more I dug into the story, the more I realized that this wasn’t just a simple Halloween ghost tale. It was something much deeper, much more sinister and otherworldly than I ever imagined. And I’ve spent the last two years finding out as much as I can about What Happened at Braley Pond.
This is episode six - The Shadow People

Logan Guinn So this thing is more of a, it feeds on soul energy. That's what it's after. It needs soul energy. It's collecting these souls. And so you could imagine all those soldiers out there, all these dead lost souls. This thing is out there feeding on it, killing the life energy and the essence of these former people. i;p-e2

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So, remember when Logan Guinn messaged me on Facebook about the Shadow People? What you just heard was him describing them to me in a phone interview. And I gotta say, everything he told me was incredibly entertaining. And we’ll get to all of that here in a bit. But first, a little background on Logan and how he got into, as he describes, “exterminating, neutralizing, sterilizing dangerous entities, and powerful apparitions.”

Logan Guinn and his wife Brynne aren’t originally from Staunton. They moved into the area in 2018, and as of this podcast, have since moved back to Florida. Logan tried to break into the Staunton paranormal community by offering a little more flair to his ghost stories. And a little bit more controversy. You’ll see why as you hear his story.

Logan Guinn well, like everything else, there's always a story that starts everything. You know, it was a dark scary night. The rain was crashing, the lightning was flashing, you know,
Oh God, this is crazy. So like growing up Logan was very much a frickin Poltergeist movie in the making everywhere that I seem to be placed because my, you know, I got separated from my parents when I was a kid because they were naughty people. They beat each other up and uh, yeah, so they ended up going to jail. So I went to my grandparents and grew up on the farm with them and they have one of those, Oh God. Really old speak either. You know, like an old speakeasy basically is what it, that's what their house was at one point, you know, back in the like early twenties and this house of horrors is what they basically were living in.
No one really knew it.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR That’s Logan, in case his talking in third person threw you off.
Logan Guinn And you know, I'm seven, six, seven years old and I saw people things, they weren't really people, they were more like shadows, you know. But I can identify them as somebody was moving around. And as a kid that's some scary shit

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Logan describes to me seeing this old woman, this dark, mysterious figure that followed him throughout the house.
Logan Guinn she was stalking me because apparently I could see her, she could see me and that's kind of how this, this all starts. So she was coming in and it was scary. And then she would get on me and get on top of my chest and I couldn't breathe and I couldn't cry out for help. And I just, at some point I grabbed her head when I did, I virtually absorbed that, that energy, like absorbed it like a vacuum cleaner. Like I don't even know how it works, but I know that this is how it started and it was this ungodly shrieky screen. And after that, you know, of course I told my grandma about it, you know, and I was like, I was really scared because I personally felt like I killed and you know, as a kid.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Logan’s grandmother alerted her pastor about her grandson’s confrontation with the elderly shadow lady.
Logan Guinn you know, meet, go into this pastor. And he's asking me these questions about, you know, like did, did they ask for me to join the service of Satan?
So that's what really awakened me.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR But it didn’t stop there. Logan became more sensitive, similar to Shea. But it wasn’t other energy he was picking up, it was full-blown apparitions. He would see men and women dressed in 1920s clothing and hear them talking. Remember, Logan said earlier the house used to be a speakeasy. But it wasn’t just murmuring he could hear. He could understand what they were saying.
And so I would go to my grandmother and tell her about this. And she didn't know at first that the house was an old speakeasy. My grandfather had an idea that that's what it was. But you know, he just kinda moved. So the more I talked about it, the more they were like, you know what, this is really strange. And doing the backstory, learning about the property, there was 15 people that were murdered on that property. So you know, like, and I'm picking up these goats and you know, these echoes from the past, these lost souls, these people who were reaching out, some wanted revenge, others wanted answers. Where am I? Like I don't understand what happens. You know, I was here, I remember this guy.
And then poof, um, you know, so they were lost souls identifying that as a child and growing up in it, I had a lot of curiosity, a lot of questions, and I was learning through the experience of these ghosts.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Through these experiences, Logan tells me, he learns the differences between the different kinds of ghostly entities that exist in our world.
Logan Guinn So I learned the difference between what a free roaming spirit was versus an interdimensional. These shadow beings, and most people consider those demons, but there's a lot more of a classification in the realm of what makes something a demon or what makes something sentient or you know, what makes something a lost soul
That's what got me started. And as I progressed through the years and I got exposed because again, we're talking exposure. So you have to get exposed to things to understand something you can't run from. It can't be like, Oh we don't talk about no Daymond's around here cause you'll wake in a Damon. Well that's, that's fine. Awaken a fucking demon. Do it. Because we need to understand what it is, why it is, how to defeat that enemy. You have to know the enemy. If that's the case and you start finding out that not every bad entity is a demon, you start learning that there are these inter dimensionals things that are out in this unknown universe.

Speaking of interdimensional, here’s where we get to Logan’s trip to Braley Pond and the portals he supposedly found there.

Logan Guinn Braley is a, it's an enigma. It's like every time me and Bren go out there, we find new stuff. I mean, it's, it's an amazing conduit, but we got to break down what Braylee pond really is. And it is in a Valley between two mountain ridges and it's one of the largest watersheds for the Shenandoah Valley. So everyone's drinking water comes from this place, and yet it's the best place to dump a dead body. Like, uh, this is, this is a horror story just waiting to happen, you know, like, isn't this how Jason Voorhes started, you know, like, but with Braley, it's out of the classic Virginian urban legends. So you're, you're in the middle of this woods.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR You might notice how much more dramatic Logan’s description of Braley Pond is compared to everyone else’s in this podcast. Like I said toward the beginning of this episode, he’s got quite the flair.

Logan Guinn And it's such a strange element because you almost feel like you're in the Blair witch. You're surrounded by all these woods.
Logan Guinn Yes, there are people that do live back there, but in the deeper parts of where Braylee pond, we're talking about the dynamics of, you know, where this kid's body got dumped now. You didn't get murdered there at Braylee. They just dump his body.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Now, despite everything you’ve heard, this was the first piece of information that stuck out to me. Not the speakeasy ghosts in Logan’s grandparents’ house, or the Shadow people, or the interdimensional portals. It was that he said that Christopher Kennedy wasn’t murdered at Braley, that his body was just dumped there. He was, in fact, murdered there. All of the news reports clearly say he was murdered at Braley. There was no guessing on Logan’s part. He stated it as fact, as if I didn’t know any better. As if he didn’t know this was what my entire podcast was about...which bothered me. I didn’t correct him because I didn’t want to mess up his flow. This made me start to question some of the things he was telling me.

Logan Guinn So with Brailey there is a lot more than just spooks central and the middle of this nowhere place. It almost seems to be this conduit of just life energy. Like this just it, it's a beacon. So you have a lot of, there was a lot of civil war conflict, of course, that took place in these here Hills. And there's a lot of soldiers that lost their lives there. And every time me and Bren go out there, we, we run into all kinds of, well, interesting fellows, you know, soldiers that don't know that they're dead, they're still living in that very moment. So they're stuck in this repetitive cycle of what their former lives were and they're just out doing what they're supposed to be doing.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR This was the second crack in Logan’s story. There were no Civil War battles fought at Braley. The closest battles I could find that were fought near where Braley Pond is now are the Battles of McDowell, Cross Keys, Port Republic, Piedmont, and Waynesboro, which are all between 30 minutes and just over an hour away from Braley. Does he mean that these ghost soldiers travelled from miles away to Braley because it’s a “conduit of life energy,” as he says? I’m not sure, but the way he refers to the “soldiers that lost their lives there” just raised another red flag for me.
Anyway, let’s keep going.

Logan Guinn Brynne and I are very much like ghost to the ghosts. They see us like we're grim Reaper's or something. They don't know what we are. They, they're in fear of us and they usually just flee. So we have to convince them, no, no, no. Don't flee yet. Come back. You know, we're not here to hurt you. We want to help, you know, talk to us. So it takes a minute for us to connect with the spirit. But once we do, we're able to go, Oh Hey, I get it. You know this, this guy's the lost soul. So there's a lot of soldiers out there and I don't, when I say a lot, I don't mean like four or five, we're talking five to 10,000 soldiers, just kind of walking around.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Okay, so again… five to 10,000 ghost soldiers making a pilgrimage to Braley from the battlefields where they died? It occurs to me that I have no problem with the ghost soldiers but I’m sitting here disputing that they travelled miles and miles away just to go to Braley. I’m into this deep, aren’t I?

Logan Guinn So when we got pulled into the whole Braylee element, we learned with obviously through some of the circles here in the psychic community that one of the mediums from this paranormal group had gone out there and her and her friend had gotten attacked.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Logan’s referring to Shea and Chris Pugh here.
Logan Guinn They didn't know what they got attacked by, but it was pretty powerful thing. And when we heard the story, me and Brent instantly knew that it was one of these pleadian baddies knew that it was a shadow beast. We just didn't know that it had that kind of power. So we go out there to look into why is this thing here?

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Pleiadian...what the hell is a pleiadian?

Logan Guinn So this thing is more of a, it feeds on soul energy. That's what it's after. It needs soul energy. It's collecting these souls. And so you could imagine all those soldiers out there, all these dead lost souls. This thing is out there feeding on it, killing the life energy and the essence of these former people. So of course Brynn and I would go out there and we didn't understand how is this thing even here.
Like it can't possibly come into our realm because it's an interdimensional. That's pretty much they are not from this planet. You can call them alien, whatever.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So let me stop here for a minute. We’ve gone from energy work to ghosts and now to other dimensions and possible aliens. I’m not quite sure what to make of Logan. Part of me wonders if this is all bullshit, if he’s making all of this up to get attention. I mean, he did seek me out, not the other way around. But the other part of me wonders if he actually believes this is true. Like, am I a fool for even listening to this guy?
Logan Guinn So we needed to identify how is it getting to this planet, like how is it getting access to here? You know, and this friend of ours took us to a very weird spot in the middle of this Brailey pond and it is in the center of everything. It's a very strange, unusual formation. So it's in the middle of all these saplings, these pine saplings, which for some unknown reason grew, you know, within inches of each other, towered up about 14 to 15 foot tall and there is a perfect circle cut out of these trees. And we're not saying somebody went in there methodically and saw down trees to make this perfect circle. There is this level of paranormal involvement is almost a key shape.
Old school key shape. Not like today's keys skeleton key almost. So it's this big circle with a large rectangle cut out of this. These trees. It's incredibly interesting. So she leads us there and we instantly recognize this as a portal. We know that it's a portal. We start moving the leaves and we could see that this was not a manmade. Like this isn't something that people go out in the middle of the woods ritualistically and make this like there you go and get, you know, like the lesser keys of Solomon and learn how to make a portal. This is something completely interdimensional. So now that we understand where they're coming from, we have to now try to shut this portal down so that way whatever is here cannot escape. And whatever planet or star system they're from can not reinvent.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Logan explains the concept of portals to me. Or, at least, his concept of portals.

Logan Guinn Portals are very connected to elements of nature with elements of energy. So if you take away the energy, you can shut the portal down. Of course, you've got to try to figure out, well, where's this energy source coming from? Because this Woodland feels very dead. Like there's not a lot of new life that's growing. Somehow these trees are surviving, but there's no new life. There's no birds, there's no animals. Like it's a very scary dead place. You can feel it. And so we had to figure out where this energy was coming from. The only true energy source there was all these lost souls, spirits. So we have to convince these spirits to go left instead of right. And there's too many of them. We're just overwhelmed. There's no way that Brenda and I alone can go in and just collect every, every soul and run off with them. Like we can't do that. So we decided to go to where the portal into their world and we made a debit box. I don't know if you are aware of what a dybbuk is.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I had no idea what a dybbuk box is, so I later messaged Logan over Facebook after our conversation to ask him. Here’s what he said:
“In the Jewish community, the old scriptures of the Hebrew text trained Rabbi how to trap demons. The ritual known as Dybbuk became part of their role and passed down...the Dybbuk box was the key to trapping the spirit. A Dybbuk box is a highly reflective surface inside. We use the mirrors to line the interior and we add trigger objects. The spiritual energy goes into the box and stares at its reflections for hours. Closing the box...sealing the seams of the lid in wax...placing the ward of the Lord upon the lid, waxing or gluing it to the lid’s face, wrapping a red silk across the box as to tie it down and then cast that box where no one can find it and open it. That is a Dybbuk box.”
He goes on to explain that certain rituals like Sigil, which is a symbol used in chaos magick and other occult activities, can be used to trap spirits inside the Dybbuk box. But Logan doesn't bother with all of that, he says.
“I am more like Constantine when it comes to Demons.” he says. “No rituals. Punch it in the face and toss it into a Dybbuk...while smoking a cigar...I just hate wasting time with chants and bidding spells. Just grab the bastards and toss it in.”

Here’s Logan again.
Logan Guinn but we made it Divek and we put it into the portal itself. Now once that debit went to their dimension, it locked it to where they can't get in. So we kinda like plugged up the holes. So now we know that these Pleiadians cannot enter again. So we shut the portal down.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So, what the hell is a Dybbuk anyway? Here’s what the oldest, continuously-published Jewish newspaper in the world, the London-based Jewish Chronicle, says about Dybbuks.
“Before the advent of modern medicine it was believed that certain mental illnesses were caused by demonic spirits taking control of the afflicted person’s body. In Jewish folklore these spirits were called dybbuks. They came from the domain of evil. The person could not be cured until they were exorcised, sent back to where they had come from. The domain of evil is called, in kabbalistic terminology, the Sitra Achra, the “Other Side”. An inversion of the divine world, it is the abode of dark forces.”
So, can anyone make a Dybbuk box? It seems like someone on the holier side of things, like a rabbi, would have to create it, or at least bless it, for it to work. If we’re talking about good versus evil, the righteous and the damned, right? To me, it just seems like something that, if they actually exist, would be rare and require training, like the Jewish equivalent of an exorcist. I scoured the internet for more information, and what I found first was the story of writer and creative professional Kevin Mannis.
Mannis seemingly coined the phrase “Dybbuk box,” to describe a wine cabinet he was selling on eBay in the early 2000s that was previously owned by a Holocaust survivor in Poland. Supposedly, it had never been opened because a dybbuk was locked inside. It has been bought and sold several times over the years, with several people claiming to have experienced strange occurrences when in possession of it.
Mannis himself said he had terrible nightmares while it was in his possession, before he sold it. His mother supposedly had a stroke the same day he gave her the box as a birthday present. If this story sounds familiar, that’s because it inspired the 2012 movie “ The Possession.”
Mannis’ Dybbuk box is now on display in a Las Vegas museum owned by Zak Bagans of the popular ghost hunting TV show Ghost Adventures.
But hang on. Then, I found this from Kenny Biddle on Skeptical Inquirer, the skeptic I talked to in episode 5. He addressed the Dybbuk box in his Closer Look column in January 2019. This is what he wrote:
'Despite what various owners would have us think, the infamous dibbuk Box is not a [haunted] Jewish wine cabinet from Spain but instead a minibar from New York.'
Biddle also wrote that he believes Mannis created the dybbuk box story 'from whole cloth', and that 'This elaborate story that started the entire legend was not an account of real supernatural events, but instead a fictional backstory he came up with to sell an ordinary and incomplete mini bar.'

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Well okay, that seems to confirm things. But I still wanted to be sure that maybe I wasn’t missing something.
Maybe there are others that folks like Logan use to capture spirits. So I asked Logan to provide me more info.
One of the resources he sent me is a website called The Dybbuk Box Store, an online store selling, well...Dybbuk boxes. This site doesn’t make Dybbuk boxes. It sells Dybbuk boxes already in existence from collectors all over the world. They range from $14 up to $180, come in various sizes and are typically made from wood with wax to seal them. Each one is adorned with different objects that symbolize or are somehow related to a person who died, or is presumed dead, like small stones, fabric, and most commonly, an old photo, some of which are disturbing. I won’t go any further than that. Names of the victims are not revealed and each box is shrouded in mystery as to the history of when the box was made, where it specifically came from, and the circumstances behind the death.
I’ve gotta admit, this site gave me the creeps as I browsed it. But I wanted to find out more about Logan’s spirit-capturing device.
The Dybbuk Box Store explains that, in its simplest form, and I’m quoting here, “these boxes serve as barriers between the living world and any force that should not be here.”
It goes on to say that there is no “standard” Dybbuk Box and the boxes either contain or are decorated with almost any kind of objects related to the entity or spirit it was made to capture, like hair, bones, burnt ashes, handwritten messages, and photos, as I mentioned earlier.
So, did the whole Dybbuk box phenomenon start with Kevin Mannis? Is it really all a hoax? The whole concept sounds ridiculous. I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos of people opening them just to see what all of the fuss is about. Anyone can fake a demon possession or haunting with the magic of video, right?
During the making of this podcast, I went down a rabbit hole, trying to learn as much as I could about the Dybbuk Box. In fact, I wrote an article for Input Magazine about it, and I talked to Mannis himself, who told me this.
Kevin Mannis
Charles, I want to tell you something. I am, I am a creative writer. I have been a writer for a long time. The dybbuk box is a story that I created. And you were the first one to be told this and to get complete transparency. I want you to know that after exactly 20 years.
Yeah, I created it. It's my creative story. And the dybbuk box story has done exactly what I intended it to do when I, when I posted it 20 years ago.
Charlie Moss Which is what?

Kevin Mannis Which is to become a, uh, a, an interactive horror story in real time. but make no mistake about it. I conceived of the Dybbuk Box, the name, the term, the idea. And wrote this creative story around it to post on eBay, for it to be an interactive, real-time horror story.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Though skeptics can now put the Dybbuk Box story to rest, there are some people, like Logan, who will still believe.
Here’s Logan again, talking about hunting the creature that attacked Shea. When he mentions Black Raven, he really means the Shenandoah Paranormal Society, which is what Marty’s group was called before its current iteration.

Logan Guinn Then we had to go on the hunt for this thing that attacked, you know, obviously the, the crew of the black Raven. And we did find one, but there were like two others out there that saw us and took off. So we still, we still have to go back and get them. And every time we do go, we're always on the search for those other two little jerks. But they're very real. They're very strong, very powerful. And I don't think in the world of the dead that these guys are the devours of the human soul.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Did you catch that? Logan said he and Brynn found one, and that they saw two other shadow beings. But apparently they escaped. So, there are three of these weird creatures at Braley Pond? Logan is a talker, which I appreciate. He eventually circles back around to the murder of Chris Kennedy.
Logan Guinn You can't really see it because too many people rely on flashlights and what have you, but they don't realize that these are beacons that kind of draw the paranormal to you. So that's why it is the most haunted campsite in all of Virginia.
Nobody wants to go out the Braylee pond.
They're afraid that there's some demons out there and they don't want these demons to attack their, you know, Christian souls... What a great place to go dump a body, right? Because there's not people wanting to go there. So this case of, um, crispy and dumped there, that was one of another multitude of other bodies that have been dumped.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Okay, so again. Christopher Kennedy was murdered at Braley Pond. Not only was it confirmed by police, in the hearing and in the local news, but also by Seth Tinsley himself.
Logan Guinn We do know that it is the ms 13 group only because when we identify spirits, it's hard to identify spirit because they're not attached to their bodies. So Chris was just dumped there and he, his soul is not there. So we had to kind of do some backtracking to figure out, okay, where did this go? How did this happen? Where is this? How did the, you know, so by backtracking, we ended up finding two sites where, you know, he was brutally murdered and that's where his soul was.
And that's how we met. It was in [inaudible] related. We just can't identify true names. If we could get those names, you know, obviously they'd get the guys.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Does Logan think I’m an idiot? I’ll forgive him for getting the name of the gang wrong, since the local press got it wrong as well. Christopher was a member of the Gangsta Disciples. But to say that local police haven’t caught his murderers and don’t even know their names when this is such a well-known case locally, isn’t a smart move. He knows this is what my whole podcast is about. If he’s going to try to con me, he should at least do a little research first.
So, maybe I don't trust everything that Logan is telling me. But he does seem to be knowledgeable about the spirit world. Or, at the very least, he’s a good storyteller. It’s entertaining stuff, for sure. And I was still captivated by the idea that there are these interdimensional beings, these shadow people, or Plieaidans, as he’s called them, who come to earth through a portal and devour the souls of the dead. I wanted to know more.

Charlie Moss So I've got, I've got questions. Um, so with, so you're, when you, when you talk about like a portal bang, really upon, you know, this is just me and my lack of knowledge of kind of this world, but I think of like Ghostbusters and Zul and like how that building was a portal to another realm, right? So, right.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So, as you’ll notice, the only way I can make sense of everything I hear while making this podcast is associate it with pop culture. Sorry about that.
Logan Guinn where, you know, where does this portal go? What's the purpose of like the shadow people cheating all this negative energy and then like how many portals are out there? Is that something that, you know,
what we've learned so far about this particular portal is that this shadow gate, this portal goes to a world of absolute darkness. It's in the middle of a deep void and it is at one point it was a living world, but something occurred with their son. It fell into shadow and it's in a dark space region.
It's not so much a inter dimension or another dimension. So much as it is intergalactic space, but their energy and their essence, much like on earth, we have a out world, which is where souls tend to go.
So this cold, dark, dank planet is ruled by what we can call the shadow King. And that's, these are terms that I can only put into best definition so we can tell a better story of what happened. So this shadow King, our understanding is that that particular world, they were a world of hunters and warriors and they cruise the galactic core, you know, were just these warmongers and when they had a star do what it did, shattered, exploded, got pulled away, whatever happened there. World just suddenly died.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Is everyone getting this so far? This portal at Braley Pond leads to a dead, dark planet that was once filled with hunters and warriors and is now ruled by a Shadow King. Okay, let’s keep going.
Logan Guinn Their essence, their beatings, what they are remained much like a ghost, but because they were already interplanetary, they have the understanding of traveling through space and traveling through different, obviously solar systems. So they understand this. They also understand how to make portals and they use dark matter as a means of travel. So they have to make these connecting spots, this, this raw, pure negative energy to connect their world to ours. That's why we call them interdimensional, if that makes sense. Because that's the only way we can wrap our heads around this. It's a portal gate. So this shadow gate allows them to travel from their world to ours. Their purpose is coming here. They devour souls, they build up energy and they take that energy back to their planet. We're understanding that it's trying to feed this shadow King the bring the shadow King back to life. Like I don't know if he's in a state of rest in a spiritual sense, but they're trying to give this shadow King life so he can travel on a gate and they want to bring him here.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So, the purpose of the portal is so that these shadow beings can come to earth to devour lost souls, which they can then take back and feed to their shadow king, so it can travel to earth.

Logan Guinn There are thousands upon thousands of these shadow Gates tendrils stuck on this planet just in all these different key locations, areas that we can identify this particular portal and we do. Logan: (49:59) We did start a portal search a couple months ago, so we're looking to see how many more portals there really are out there. If anyone can identify them
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Logan tells me that he and his wife Brynne are working to identify all of these portals and then attempt to shut them all down. He explains what they’re looking for as they track these portals.
Logan Guinn So our understanding is that it has to be nature. It can't be manmade structures. So that means we're looking for word, we're looking for woods that have a lot of spiritual activity and a lot of war death, you know, things of that nature. So these are just basic prerequisites for what would make this portal work. So if it's isolated and it's away from a lot of people, that's going to make that portal really strong. If it's in a large community and people are aware of it, it's going to be a weak portal.

Charlie Moss So what happens? What happens when this other team comes to our world? What happens to them?
Logan Guinn Our understanding would be this, that once the shadow King is here, then you're talking about this multitude of possession and people dying and energy taking over the dead and not the zombie apocalypse, but we're just talking about these energy. Beans will invade the bodies, devour your soul, and basically take over the flesh and that's kind of what we believe is there. They're in games. How we got some of this, if you will, information is that when we got ahold of that plea Adian again, we're talking about I have the ability to vacuum energy, especially negative energy. So it enters me and I kind of devour it when I do. I take on it's emotional state of mind, if you will. So I kind of got these impressions, almost like visuals of what was in its mind.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I ask Logan why these Pliadians, or Shadow people, chose Braley Pond to build their portal, or shadow gateway as he refers to it.
Logan Guinn As long as there's a large body of water, it is like a mirror. And if you have a mirror, you have a gateway. If you can have a gateway, you have a, uh, a place for energy to converge. So when we looked at Braylee pond from a satellite view, there's crazy weird structures going on around that body of water that Eva, we can't define, but we know that that water is the reflective surface of the mirror. So we believe that the shadow gate requires reflective surfaces. You take away the water, you take away the portal. That's kind of in our head. That's what we thought. And in that concept, we then started thinking, well, what's the best thing to give negative feedback to a reflection? The reflection of the reflection becomes this infinite level of reflections.
Logan Guinn So it's almost like a trap, if that makes sense.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So, here’s where Logan’s Dybbuk box comes in. Remember, he and Brynne decorated the inside of it with a bunch of mirrors. So their idea was they capture the shadow being inside the Dybbuk box, which is inside the portal, then it’s sent back to its own world. Is anyone else getting a Superman: The Movie, Phantom Zone kind of vibe here?
So, to recap, Logan and his wife Brynn captured one of three interdimensional, or inter-galactic shadow beings in a homemade Dybbuk box, the same one he suspects attacked Shea back in 2003. Logan then sucked all of the negative energy from this Plieadian being as a way to get the intel it was carrying via the shadow king, which was this: To travel to earth, suck the souls of the living, take over our bodies, and rule our world.
This takes the popular online theory among the paranormal community, that it could have just been the ghost of Chrisopher Kennedy, to a whole other level.
I know I’m giving Logan a lot of shit here, mainly because he got his facts wrong about some easily-accessible information, and tried to pass it off as truth. But still, he;s a pretty fascinating guy. I mean, does he actually believe all of this? Or is this just part of the Logan Guinn show, a way to attract attention to himself? I don’t know, but he’s piqued my curiosity. Staunton’s ghost community may have shunned him, and with good reason, from what I understand, but there’s no doubt I want to know more.
After my conversation with Logan about Plieadians and portals, I start asking other folks about it. Like, is this common knowledge in the paranormal community around Staunton, that Braley Pond has an interdimensional portal that is a gateway for shadow people? Remember Curtis Lee Wimer from episode 5? He knows what I’m talking about. But his interpretation is a little different.
Curtis Lee Wimer We can talk about porters, porters, go one place and one place only they go right to hell.
They refer to something called like shadow people and then like a shadow King and like stealing souls and things like that, which I don't know if that's, you know.
Yeah. So, well that's a raver, that's a soul Reaper. Yeah. Angels angel of death by. So what

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Okay, so Curtis seems to be on board with Logan’s theory. So, I ask Dawn Beiry, too. She’s the energy worker I talked to in the last episode who used to work with Marty at Black Raven. The woman Curtis referred me to.
Dawn Biery um, when you started talking about, um, portals and pleadings, I think some of these words are just kind of, um, they're there ways to define things based on different perspectives.
when someone's talking about a portal, there's no standard definition of that science hasn't been like, this is what that is. So it kind of depends on his frame of reference for mentioning that, um, oftentimes, uh, portal is the word used to define a place that has a very high level of energy and energy that functions sporadically. Um, would I agree that there's a portal Braylee pond? I would probably not, but do I understand why that, um, association is being made? Sort of. because I would say that there is a very high level of energy in that area. Dawn Biery: (16:48) Um, but anything about the Pleiadians or anything like that, I think that's a totally different, totally different conversation that doesn't quite go with Braley Pond.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR All of this talk of Plieadians makes me think of something Shea’s son Zack mentioned during our phone call a few episodes back. Besides seeing Christopher Kennedy’s ghost, Zack did experience another strange phenomenon back in January of 2009, when he was around 13, along with his siblings, Shea and his grandmother Jennifer. It involved these strange shadow creatures…

Zack Willis growing up had a thing outside of our house that we could never explain, and it sounds kind of farfetched. Um, but it, it basically, it was a Jersey devil and it wasn't the Chub macabre. It wasn't, um, what the Mexican Spanish folk tales of it. It was a presence from another world and it was things like, uh, we never got to see it, but you would hear it. It had, uh, it had blood curdling screams like a, almost a mix between a, um, uh, a screaming woman and a train was how, the only way that you can explain it and it never heard us, it never did anything to make us believe that it was going to hurt us, but it's it scared the hell out of us.
We had one instant that when my little brother was younger, he was at the, my parents went to see a movie, some con something about AB was maybe four or five at the time. Um, and I was, I was 15, 16. I was upstairs in my, my room and my sister and my little brother were downstairs in our kitchen. And there was a door leading to her kitchen that led outside that had a big glass window, a window in it. And my little brother, um, my sister said that my little, he, she looked over at my little brother and he was, why is it ghost and stone still? And he wasn't moving. And when my sister went over to figure out what was wrong, he started screaming, just blood curdling, screaming, um, saying that there is outside is trying to get me to come outside. We couldn't couldn't figure out what. And as soon as my mom came home and calmed him down, she fi he finally said, it's Zach, uh, me outside with, um, black eyes telling me to come outside, waving me to come outside. And the second that my sister interacted with him, I was gone. We, I mean, our family is not, um, not normal in the slightest.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Back when we first started talking a few years ago, Shea sent me this really long email about another story her mom Jennifer told her, something she referred to as “The Fire Triangles. She prefaced it by saying that I’ll most likely question a lot of it, along with her credibility, which she respects. At the time, this story was fairly new to me so a lot of what she wrote I did question and frankly, found hard to believe. But now that I’m entrenched in this story, what she writes, and what her mother eventually tells me, aren’t that far-fetched. Though, I’ll say, I still have a difficult time believing. I’ll read part of the email now but please note I’ve cut out a lot of it for brevity. Shea starts out:

“In January of 1983, I had just turned 15. We had moved to the mountains (where my parents still make their home) in 1978. From my earliest memories, those mountains never felt “normal” – there was always an undercurrent of something hidden just under the surface, something powerful, and complex, and not always, but sometimes, dangerous.
Let me interrupt Shea’s email a second to add some context here. Shea’s parents live around the Shenandoah National Park region, with acres of forest for her to explore and the Blue Ridge Mountains practically in her backyard. Okay, back to the email.
Strange things always went on there, even before the winter of 1982/83. I suspect that those things have been going on there for a very, very long time – they certainly didn’t start that winter, but that was the first time that there was any actual evidence recorded.”
Jennifer, Shea’s mom, is a freelance outdoor writer and photographer. Part of her work was hiking in the woods and snapping photos relevant to whatever story she was working on at the time. Shea goes on to write:
She struck off into the mountains to take pictures of animal tracks in newly fallen snow. She was gone much longer than she normally would be – late into the afternoon. I was home from school, and she wasn’t back from the mountains yet, which didn’t really make me worry, but I thought it odd. Not too much later, she came busting through the door, all excited about a set of tracks that she had found. She had followed them for miles, which was why she was so late getting back. The tracks were not identifiable as any animal that resided in our mountains (our family hails from true “mountain people” that were uprooted when the parkway was installed – we come from the mountains, we know the mountains, so yes, she was positive that the tracks were made by something unknown.”
Here’s Shea’s mom Jennifer explaining the mysterious tracks she saw.
Jennifer Hensley Well, I would just take my camera and, and, and hit the woods, hit the mountains back here,
this particular place is just a very, um, we call it the, Y you walk up the, up the, up a road that we put in, and then it splits and, and the paths go one, one, two different ways.
And I went to the left, took the left branch of it, and I came up on these tracks and they came from nowhere and they left to know where there was just a long stretch of them. And I'm just standing there and I'm taking pictures of them and trying to figure out what in the world they are and, uh, couldn't come up with anything. So then I took, I was taking a bunch of other track cause I was doing an article for Virginia and wildlife on tracks and the snow and helping people identify them. And, um, so anyway, I sent that in and then they published it and actually used, um, it was a full page, color photo of that particular, um, tracked through the, through the snows and the trees. And, um, same thing, you know, nobody, nobody could identify it.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Jennifer tells me the tracks remind her of old-fashioned biscuit cutters because the center of the track popped up like the middle of a biscuit.
Here’s Shea, talking about the significance of these tracks.

Shea Willis So, um, the, the very, um, the very first actual, like significant thing, there, there were other odd things that you just really couldn't put your finger on, you know, no proof. It was just kind of like, gosh, there's some weird stuff that goes on up here, um, in these mountains, but this was when I was a kid. Um, and, but the very first thing that you could put, you could look at it and go, Hey, this doesn't belong was in January of 1983.
And that's when my mom found those bizarre tracks in the snow, in the mountains behind our house
and I, I recall her, um, what she told us when she got back, um, from taking the pictures, they would just, they would like, they would go up to an object, a tree or whatever, and would stop, but just then appear on the other side, it still in a straight line, there wasn't any evidence that like it went around the tree, it was just stopped on one side, started on the other. And, um, being people that have always spent our lives in the mountains, we are very familiar with, um, all the tracks of every indigenous animal that is up there.
And these things don't match anything. They look like some, they, they look like they're made by something on two legs. There is not four legs for certain. Um, and they're this odd kind of Indian roundish indentation with what almost looks like a biscuit in the middle of it. And, um, she took the pictures. We tried and tried and tried to identify it. And, uh, at, at that time we worked really closely with the, um, department of game and inland fisheries and the game biologists and everybody, and, um, the game biologist could not identify it. So it actually ended up on the cover of the magazine, Virginia wildlife.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR The tracks, Shea said, were never identified.
What happened in the months and years that followed, Shea believes, leads up to what happened to her at Braley Pond.

Shea Willis as, as time went on and we, we began to notice these, these smells horrible smells. It was like sewage. Um, and there were sounds and odd things happening around our houses. And the, the, one of the weirdest things is that before the activity really began to take place down close to the houses, we started hearing these noises screaming.
It was, I can't even quite describe it. I've never heard anything like it, but it's a real, it would start out as a very high pitched, very, very loud scream that would fall, um, like almost out of musical scale. It would fall down into a low guttural noise and you would hear it way up the mountain. All right. Our homes are in the right at the foothills and right at the base of the mountain. And you would hear it up the side of the mountain. And then literally 10 seconds later, you would hear it half as far away. It was impossible for a normal animal to be able to travel that fast, that far even a bird. Um, so we didn't know if there was more than one, one we're talking to the other or if there was, if it was able to travel that fast.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Growing up in the mountains, Shea says she knows the sounds of bobcats and other wild animals that live there. This was something unlike anything she’d ever heard before. As time went on, the inhuman screaming seemed to move from the up in the mountains down closer to her property.

Shea Willis And you could always tell when it was around, because even if you didn't hear it or see it, you could smell it. You mean we would open the back door to let the dog out. And it was like walking into a wall of raw sewage smell, really nasty. And so we took the call in at the work of duty. I don't even know where that came from, but that was, that was just, we didn't know what else to call it. And we started calling it, then we'll give duty.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR If you had a hard time understanding the name Shea and her family called this weird being, she said they started calling it “the WoogaDoody.”
Something else Shea noticed was whatever this thing was, it always showed up in the fall, never in the warmer months of the year.

Shea Willis It was never there in the warmer month and only show it showed up in the fall. And what time of the, I don't know what time of the fall it showed up, depending on, on the, uh, weather activity and the temperatures.
If the fall turned cool early, like in early September, it would show up in if it was a warm fall, it wouldn't show up until the end of October. And they were hanging out all winter long. And then in the spring it would disappear again and it's been on for years.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Shea says it took the creature a really long time to get close enough so they could actually see what it was.
Shea Willis And I had come, we had a cafe in Stanton and, um, I was coming home late from closing up the cafe night. And it had been really, really active, um, that fall and winter. And this was about mid winter. And I pulled up in the driveway and I could see it behind the trash barrels.
And it was real light colored. And it was really short. The first barrels were 50 gallon steel drums that were set up on, um, concrete blocks. So the, the top of the drum came to about armpit level on me. I'm five foot three. And, um, it was, it wasn't crouching. It looked to be standing fairly upright. And his head was just above the drum. When I came around the corner and the headlights hit it and it screamed at me when I, when I pulled into the driveway and I just kept driving up towards the, the barrels and it I'm, I'm in the car and I can hear it screaming at me and the kids come running outside and they're like, Oh my God, where is it? Where is it? Cause they, by that time, they knew what it sounded like. And, um, I swear I did not see it take off, but one second it was standing behind those trash barrels, screaming at me, and I could see it moving back and forth back there.
And then, and then literally five seconds later, it seemed to be a mile away and it was pitch black outside except for my headlights.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Not too long after that, the same winter, Shea’s mom Jennifer was driving on the backroads to get back home, and saw... something.

Shea Willis And it was, um, a fairly well at night, the, the moon was, was out and you could see fairly well. And she was coming up one of those dirt roads for straight towards the mountains. And it was standing in full view on the right-hand side of the road, in a field right next to the road. And she, I mean, it wasn't hiding behind anything. There was nothing to hide behind and she saw it full on and she's, she's up to that point. She was the only one that had ever actually seen it. And she described it as being, uh, it was like an off white in color and, uh, had this very strange shaped head. And it was about the same height as what I described around four foot tall or so. And, um, she said that when she first saw it, she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Here’s Shea’s mom, Jennfier, describing what she saw.

Jennifer Hensley I was coming in one of the roads out here and there's a, um, off, there's a drop off on the right side. And as I drove past, there was the oddest creature standing there, down in that drop-off and it had a big chest, again, elongated face, the two legs were forward, um, more than like a deer or something. And the chest was just big and I couldn't see any back legs and I'm thinking, Oh, I really didn't see that. So I turned around and went back and of course it was gone.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Now, I know it seems like I’m getting away from Logan’s Shadow People/Pleiadians story here. But bear with me. I’m almost to my point.
There’s another creature sighting Shea and her mom tell me about.

Shea Willis my mom and I were coming home, um, from a paranormal meeting with our group was Marty's group, the Shenandoah Valley paranormal society.
And it was in January. I remember that. Um, and I want to say what 2004, but I don't know that for sure. I have to look and see. Um, but we were coming home and she was driving. I had written with her and to get to my house, you past her driveway and go down the road a quarter mile, and then you turn into my driveway and we had slowed down and we're getting ready to turn into my driveway. And all of a sudden in her window, in her driver's side window, it appears its face appears right in her window. And both of us caught the movement out of the corner of my eye. So both of us turn her head and we were going really slow at that point. Cause she was turning into my driveway and it's just hanging there, staring at us.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Here’s Shea’s mom Jennifer.
Jennifer Hensley when we came back, there's this time woods that we drive through between her house and my house, and just hanging in the air on the left side. And the pine was this elongated face with no body. And I'm thinking, is that an owl sitting there? Cause it was on a long gated thing. And then it just went up and over the car and actually torch Shay's house. And, uh, I didn't say anything cause I thought, man, I haven't been getting out enough. And uh, and so you said, tell me, you saw that. Okay. I did see that. What the hell was it?
Shea Willis And it, it was very horsey looking. It had a very elongated face which matched, um, the, the description that she gave us when she saw it standing in the field. And I mean, we're, it, it didn't last but a second, but both of us got a full view of his face. Now, these big eyes and his long, a horsey type of face, and you really couldn't do the rest of it. Cause pitch-black, it's like 10 o'clock at night in January. So of course, you know, the sun goes down early and then all of a sudden it disappeared from her side. I mean, it didn't run. It didn't, um, it didn't run around in front of the car. It didn't walk away. It disappeared. And as it disappeared, both of us noticed that we saw, um, you know, how, like if you take like a, a flashlight or something in a really, really dark room and you move the light really fast, your eyes will see the trails behind it that both of us saw what looked kind of like a trail of, of, of light going upwards.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR At first, Shea and her mom thought all of these sightings were of one mysterious being. But over time, they began seeing it more and more. And what they saw evolved from just glimpses of shadows out of the corners of their eyes, to the sounds and smells Shea described earlier, to, as you’ve just heard, full-on appearances. That’s when Shea began to put together that it might not just be one creature they were dealing with, but multiple.
In the email I mentioned earlier in this episode, Shea describes three different entities she believes exist around the property where she grew up and lived for much of her life.
Shea and Jennifer believe one of these creatures made those mysterious tracks in the mountain snow that nobody had been able to identify. It’s the one they’ve interacted with the most over the years. Shea and Jennifer have deduced that it’s nocturnal, and it’s the only that appears to be vocal, emitting a sound that, to use Shea’s own words, is “the stuff of nightmares.” It’s about 4 and a half feet tall and light white-grayish color. Oh, and the most important also has wings and flies.
The next one Shea describes is small in stature with gray skin. It moves fast so Shea and Jennifer have never been able to get a good look at it.
The third being is mostly energetic by nature. You can’t see it until it moves. And when it does, it seems to dart from one place to another, distorting the background directly behind it, and leaving a small whirlwind of dust, according to Shea.
There is the possibility of a fourth creature that they haven’t seen yet. This would be the one with the putrid smell Shea described earlier. At first, she thought the smell was coming from the winged creature, but the more she encountered it, the more she realized there was no smell coming from it.
Shea notes something else about the winged being. They thought it was the creature that her son Zack described looking in the windows of their home. But Shea came to the conclusion that maybe it was there to protect her and her family rather than hurt them. She reasons that this particular creature had been around them for at least two decades, and during all that time, could have caused harm if it really wanted to. But it didn’t. It was always present when there was any sort of activity. But what if it’s nightmarish screaming wasn’t meant to scare them, but served as a warning to them about the other creatures instead?

Honestly, I can’t tell which sounds more outlandish - Logan’s interdimensional shadow people or Shea’s mysterious mountain creatures that she seems to have formed some bond with? I certainly am not implying either one of them is lying. I don't think that’s the case. While I feel like Logan is a bit of an attention-seeker, I think he really believes in most of what he’s saying. Shea, on the other hand, seems incredibly sincere in what she’s telling me, and though it’s really hard for me to believe, I think Shea, Jennifer and Zack are telling me the truth. I mean, if they’re lying, that’s a lot to keep up with between the three of them.
So, if you’re open to the idea of this whole scenario, then the question arises: Where in the hell did these things come from? The answer, it seems, lies deep in the Blue Ridge mountains. Here’s Shea again.
Shea Willis So we started having these weird fires up on top of the mountains, behind our houses. And they would just start out of nowhere and they would burn a whole bunch of acreage, sometimes hundreds of acres at a time. And the fire service would go up. My dad would help them and they would get up there on top. And they, and they, I mean, then this is rugged terrain. You can't drive to it. So they would have to haul and all this stuff.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Shea and her mom Jennifer refer to the area where these fires occurred as “The Fire Triangle,” because the location of the fires form a triangle when you view it on a topo map. These fires started happening between June and September for a number of years. While they didn’t appear every year, there were times when they happened much more often than others.
Shea’s parents were close with the forestry and park service personnel because their property sat at the foot of one of the mountains, which provided the easiest access to the Fire Triangles. Whenever a fire appeared, the forestry and park services would set up headquarters at their house. Shea’s dad knew the mountain terrain better than most of the personnel and would almost always lead them up the mountain to see the location of the fires when the first wisps of smoke appeared.

Shea Willis Sometimes they had to bring planes and we put and chemicals on it to put them out. So we thought that was really weird because the fires kept starting in the same spot. And this is not occupied territory. There's, nobody's up there. It's the top of a mountain that you it's just nothing, there, nobody even camps up there that I know of. So we kept thinking that that was kind of odd, but really didn't have any proof about it, about what maybe where these things were starting from. You know, we kept thinking maybe lightning or whatever.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR In the same long email to me, Shea notes that these fires had been investigated at length by forestry and park service personnel and their findings are this: The fires were not caused by lightning or campers. In fact, Shea writes, their origin does not appear to come from the mountain’s surface, but underneath it.
The problem with this theory, though, is that the geology of the area doesn’t support it. There’s no coal or other combustible natural materials below ground, Shea says. There was one forrester, though, who had a theory. He said he thought there seemed to be a series of underground chimneys that the fires came out of. He also told Shea that he noticed other strange things that couldn’t be accounted for. Though Shea pressed him for details, he refused because of his position with the government. But he did hint at something that “didn’t belong there.”
Shea Willis he basically told us that the origin of the fires was underground. There was some sort of small chimneys up there that went from ground level down. And he said, I don't know what they connect to.
And I don't know why there would be fire coming out of him. Um, he did, but as far as I can tell, that's the origin of these fires that keep occurring, that form the shape of this triangle. And, um, so at that point, of course we had more answers, but it, everything was just, it was just more and more and more questions.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR In the conversation I had with Shea’s mom Jennifer, I asked her about Logan’s theory of the portal at Braley Pond, expecting her to immediately dismiss it. She didn’t. And to my surprise, she mentioned the strange fires on the mountains behind her house.
Jennifer Hensley Okay. Here's my take on that. I'm, I'm smiling to myself as you're talking about tape, stealing energy, taking it back to the shadow King. Okay. We have one of those portals here on the mountain, right behind us. Okay. That, and, and, um, and yes, red cameras picked up on that real quick and said, you know, that there, that portal is there and you do have beings from other dimensions coming into that portal. In fact, she said that, um, that, that particular area was like, like, if, if, if that, if they held conventions, that's where they held it.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Red Cameron is a nationally-recognized psychic who was friends with Jennifer years ago. She no longer lives in the Staunton area. I couldn’t find much about her online but I did find her Facebook page. Red doesn’t seem to be that active, though. I did send her a message to see if she’d respond to an interview request but so far, I haven’t heard back from her. I ask Jennifer if this portal she’s referring to has to do with the strange mountain fires behind her property.

Jennifer Hensley Is this the supplier triangles? Yes. We've got we've. We have had so many fires back here.
to the point where the park people, cause we joined the Shenandoah national park. They came and asked if we had any enemies, but it's naturally occurring fires. Okay. And it has to do with the, or in the ground. Okay. Because we have that much or in the ground, it probably does magnetically draw things into that area. Also, see, see what I'm saying, but yes, we have a portal. I'm not going to tell you that we have a, that these beings are coming in to steal energy and do all this, um, and take them back to the shadow King. That does sound like a conspiracy theorist. So I won't go to, and I know I have a friend who, who is just so convinced that the shadow people are everywhere among us.
Um, I, I, I think I would feel them if they were anywhere near me. Okay. And I think Shay would, I think people like us would know it, but this is television programs. Okay. That create all this mystique about the grain, the gray people, the shadow people. Okay. I don't know what you would call them to me. They're not shadow people because I can actually things like what we saw out here. They were not things from this world. Okay. So yes, that portal was open wide at that point. Now, as far as the portal, um, at, at Braylee, yes. We could close the portal, but you better make sure everything is on the other side.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Out of all of the people I’ve interviewed for this podcast, Shea is the one person I’ve been in contact with the most. As someone who’s never dabbled in new age communities or done much beyond acupuncture or a little Tai Chi, Shea’s, and her mother’s outlook on the paranormal, of life and existence, and the energy around us is unlike anything I’d ever heard before. Unlike paranormal investigators who might be looking for ghosts in particular, or UFOs, or Bigfoot, Shea is taking all of these phenomena into account. Because to her, it’s all connected.

Shea Wills when you start looking at all this stuff, you start looking at if people want to take all of these events and they want to compartmentalize them, they want to define, um, demon activity is one thing and they want to and define ghost activity is another thing. And they wanted to put big foot in another category and they want to put visitations and by extraterrestrials and another category. And by definition based on perception. Yes, you certainly could do that. But if you get underneath of it, if you get underneath of all that and you look at it for what it is, there is that common thread of energetic connectivity between all of it. That's the best. Love it.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So, what does that mean exactly? What’s Shea trying to say? That everything we know about urban legends, from the Mothman, Bigfoot, and Jersey Devil to ghosts and UFOs are all the same? That we compartmentalize these things because of the way we perceive them? If that's the case, what does that say about the possibility of life on other planets, or our reality? It’s a lot to wrap my mind around. But I know this much. Not only do I now want to know more about these shadow people, or Pliadians, as Logan referred to them. But I want to find out more about these supposed portals...I’ve got a few ideas of who I can contact.


Logan Guinn isn’t like other paranormal investigators. He describes himself as more of a demon hunter, someone who doesn’t waste time on spiritual chants or rituals. Together with his wife Brynne, they seek out spirits, ghosts, and demons and kick their asses. At least that’s how he describes it. Logan has a knack for the dramatic. But he also believes he knows what’s going on at Braley Pond, and it’s not from this world or dimension. Shea Willis and her mother Jennifer also go into more of their past experiences with strange creatures that seem to have followed them throughout their lives.

Interested in learning more about Dybbuk boxes? Here’s a link to my article for Input Magazine.

Here’s an email I received from Shea about the Fire Triangle mentioned in this episode:

I found where the magazines were archived:
However, my memory was faulty on two things (keep in mind, this was 37 years ago, lol) - it was February 1984 (not 1983), and the picture was NOT on the front cover, it was the “frontspiece” article in the magazine…

I don’t have but a few minutes, but I wanted to give you something to chew on … on a whim, I went looking for maps of geomagnetic anomalies - didn’t even know if I could find one - and it turn out that the USGS has a really nice one. My purpose was to see if there was a notable difference in the geomagnetic properties of Braley, the Fire Triangle, and where I’m at here in Buckingham. The reason I wanted to check was because, in a nutshell, there are phenomena at all of these locations, and while all of it would be considered “otherwordly”, the actual events related to this phenomena go from being “dark and negative” (at Braley) to being benign/positive (even if unsettling at times) at the Fire Triangle and down here in Buckingham. I kept asking “what’s the difference?!?” - why is there such a huge difference between experiences at these locations, when they ALL stem from a common denominator of paranormal/otherwordly sources?

The attached is a partial map - a screenshot - from the USGS, and while I’m not suggesting that the geomagnetic anomalies shown at these locations are solely responsible for the differences, I find it intriguing enough that I believe it should be considered/explored. I’ve spent most of my life working with energy, and I can tell you that extremes which vary from the “baseline” absolutely do have an effect on environment, including inhabitants of the area, but those extremes don’t affect all biologicals equally. For example, you can put a person and a tomato plant directly underneath a power line for an extended period of time, and the effect on each will be drastically different - the tomato plant will thrive, developing some of the largest and most beautiful fruits you’ve ever seen. By contrast, the person will wither and become very ill, both mentally and physically. The point is that energy is just energy - it’s neutral until something comes into contact with it which is affected by it. Then it will be perceived as being either “beneficial” or “detrimental”, depending on the effect it has. It’s the same for all energy signatures, whether they are generated by the earth itself, by biologicals, by stones/rocks/minerals, by water, or by manmade sources.

I am out of time for now, but the basic point is that there are extreme geomagnetic anomalies at each of these locations - both the Fire Triangle and my place in Buckingham exhibit some of the strongest positive readings in the state, and the area of Staunton/Braley exhibit some of the strongest negative readings (not good or bad - just positive/negative, as defined by the baseline of “normal” readings - the Triangle and Buckingham are way above normal, and Staunton/Braley is below). Is it a factor? I think it most certainly could be. Something to think about …

Thinking about all of this and how it (potentially) relates to “our mountain” - did I ever tell you about the “altar” that we found up there, within the boundaries of the Fire Triangle? It was comprised of two huge stones set into the fork of a tree - it had been there a long, long time - the tree had grown around it (pictures attached). Resist the urge to conjure up stigmatic images associated with the word “altar” - sacrifice, and other nonsense - if there really are extremely intelligent beings using that area as an “airport” and “conference center”, common sense tells me that the last thing they would be doing would be stooping to rituals steeped in archaic practices. However, it’s there for a reason - could be something as simple as the tree originally grew around it from a seedling, but that seems almost impossible, especially given the size of the stones and the fact that the top one is balanced on the point of the bottom one. I believe that someone put it there for a reason - that area is “off the beaten path”, in the middle of nowhere, and is very difficult to get to, so it’s unlikely that it was just a normal person trying their hand at a rock sculpture. So what is it, then? A podium? A control module? A marker (seems like the most reasonable explanation)? There is also a huge stone “table” up there - like a plateau - it’s raised above the ground about 4’, if I remember right - it’s a natural formation, but interesting, just the same. And lastly - I’ve been thinking about the energy of that place - not the ambiance (which is definitely weird), but the actual, measurable energy - there’s radiation levels there which can be picked up by a Geiger counter, along with fluctuating EMF’s and other things that shouldn’t be there. Granted, the earth emits base levels of all of these energies, but the readings I took there in 2007 were higher than normal and fluctuated/pulsed more rapidly than could be normally accounted for.

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