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Episode Seven: A Portal to Another World

Episode Seven: A Portal to Another World

Episode Seven: A Portal to Another World


CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR My name is Charlie Moss and I’ve been a freelance journalist and writer for more than 10 years. I’ve written for The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Slate, Vice, The Bitter Southerner, and other publications. I also used to work for an online camping magazine called The Dyrt. It was there that I wrote about a haunted campground just outside of Staunton, Virginia. The more I dug into the story, the more I realized that this wasn’t just a simple Halloween ghost tale. It was something much deeper, much more sinister and otherworldly than I ever imagined. And I’ve spent the last two years finding out as much as I can about What Happened at Braley Pond.
This is episode seven - A Portal to Another World

CHRISTINE DAY Well, the Pleiadians are a race of beings that actually living the incarnation. Now they're not in spirit forms. That's really important for people to understand that they are in physical bodies. Um, and they come from what is called the Pleiades or the seven sisters, uh, uh, uh, configuration of a group of stars and their mission in this lifetime is to support, Earth in this current transition that we're all going through so that they are here.
They also, um, com there's also a reptilian form of plea Adian. Uh, you know, most human beings would have a real aversion to, uh, because of them, our ego minds, but they are also highly evolved. And they also play a very powerful role here on the earth right now.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR You just heard Christine Day, an internationally-known spiritual teacher, healer, author, and Pleiadian ambassador. Yes, you heard that right. She talks to Pleiadians, or channels them, then spreads the Pleiadian messages with anyone who is willing to listen. Her website says:
“She inspires people with a clear frequency of Truth that she transmits out as she speaks. She carries a pure energy of love that can be experienced throughout the audience.”

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Notice that this is a pretty different interpretation of what a Pleiadian is than what Logan described in the last episode. So, I specifically asked Christine about this during our phone conversation. It’s why I reached out to her in the first place.
CHARLIE MOSS Do they ever come in like a shadow for them? And I asked this specifically, because one of the, one of the people I've talked to, um, has mentioned something called a shadow King, and that he's got people that come in from another dimension, but there, instead of,
CHRISTINE DAY Okay, so you're talking about something different than me. Just give you a little bit of, um, a fact here. We, we, you know, we are living in a multi-dimensional reality space, so there are many things happening, um, different, different things happening in these glass reality sets in because you're on even. So these different reality States, uh, there are doorways into dollars. And, and so you can't, you can, those shadows that shows shadow States of energy come from, they're actually on, in as this alternate reality state here on the planet on a multi-dimensional level. So that's very different from the Pleiadians two don't do not live here. They come to work with us and, um, they, they they're on their ships, but they don't live in those ultimate reality States. That, which would be that shadow is more coming from that state rather than, um, the Pleiadians from, from their own, um, dimensional, uh, space where they live. So it's very different.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I dig a little deeper into Logan’s shadow beings theory because I’m genuinely confused about the different interpretations I’ve heard from Logan and Christine.
CHARLIE MOSS so I'm curious, is there another, like the way that he described them is that, um, I mean, they were basically out to basically steal the souls of the living, is that
CHRISTINE DAY You know, there's a lot of stories going out there, a lot of misconceptions or misperceptions right now, and these, these, these energies from the other alternate reality States and nothing of supporting earth is supporting humanity. They're supporting humanity to be self-empowered to activate a change here on planet earth. Um, you're not going to get there, no one, there are those no beings trying to steal souls, that's not happening.
and I choose the galactic council is overseen the us right now to make sure that there are no negative forces coming in to interfere with our progress and Al Al awakening.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So, before we get into Christine’s story, let’s go back to something she mentioned at the very beginning of this episode. Ya know...the lizard thing. I ask Christine more about this because if you remember that old TV show “V” that’s exactly what came to mind when she said that.
Um, well, they've certainly got scales and tails and walk on two legs, but they vary very much are of reptilian form.
Um, most of, um, like a lot of my students offer, you know, regularly see the Pleiadians, um, without pleading work that we do, they, uh, they appear and, and come into, um, make themselves known to people who are ready to receive them. But mostly they come in the humanoid form rather than the reptilian food.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Christine explains to me that she, in fact, has a Pleiadian living inside her.
CHRISTINE DAY I have a Plieadadian aspect of me that is fully integrated through me through my experiences 26 years ago. And so that they, they come from a, a non of a higher evolution than this right now, um, promotes this dimensional six dimensional evolution of unconditional love. Um, so they have fully aligned their own aspect of God light and they vibrated a much higher rate than we do. So when you look at their physical form, it's like a vibrating life map and lightness, um, and they're very tall. Um, and you'll see a light vibrating, like humanoid food.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR It’s fascinating to me, this whole Pleiadian belief system. And how different Christine’s perspective is from what Logan told me.
Unlike Logan, or even Shea, her abilities weren’t something she was born with. Twenty-six years ago, something profound happened to Christine that changed the way she looked at our world. It was her gateway, if you will, into a whole other level of thinking.
CHRSTINE DAY when I was 31, I was given a few months to live. I had systemic lupus. And when I was in the hospital getting that diagnosis,
And I realized when I told him that, that actually I wanted to die. And then just after that realization, I realized I'd created something to kill myself. And I had a background. I was given to a couch when I was two. So it was in cult ritual abuse from two to 13. And I really had never dealt with any of that pain. It was all really locked down inside of me. And so I realized if I could create something to kill myself, I could create something to heal myself as well. And I left hospital that day, realizing that if I was going to live, I would have, I couldn't afford to do anything the same again.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR At this point in her life, Christine was depressed and felt connected to nothing. Once she got home from the hospital, she began meditating on a whim, because she felt like she needed some answers to her life - about her past, and her path toward the future. What she realized was that for so long, she felt powerless when it came to the direction her life was going. But when she confronted death and the trauma of being in a cult as a child, she began to feel like maybe she could take control of her life again. There was a power to confronting her mortality.

CHRISTINE DAY So in that process, I was setting and after a few weeks, suddenly I had this light coming from me. Now, this law right, came through me and it was like, it was like a love letter. And I have never experienced in my life on this planet. Not that I'd had love as a child, you believe me, but it was like, I was receiving this love and it never stopped. It was just there day and night. And so I called it God, cause I thought it must be gone. And I just received that energy of that light. And then as I did, I went into healing. I started to my lupus, systemic lupus started to heal inside of me. So when that completed itself, it was like, I was committed to moving from death to life.
And so I then started to put my hands on people and the light that was coming through everyone, I touched, started to experience healing and joy.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Christine tells me she attributed this revelation to God. But she found out six years later, that it was something else entirely.

CHRISTINE DAY I was walking out in nature and turned the corner in Palmetto, and there was this huge creative check. I mean, it was huge. And there was this group of Pleiadians walking towards me, and I would have run if I could believe me, because it was, it was, it was a shocking experience, but by Dale, actually my palladium family, but I didn't know that at the time. And they grabbed me telepathically and connected to me through that bypassing my ego fear and reminded me of my pre agreement to come here, reminding me of my past of, by creating in my life on the Pleiades with my family of the world cup was to do here. Um, and I, and, and it was just a very, very amazing profound experience that extreme.
And I don't even remember getting home that day. I found myself in bed with this incredible light flowing through me, and it was my own creativity and frequency coming into my physical body.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Christina says she was bedridden for two months after her encounter with the Plieadians. She felt this overwhelming light and energy, this physical transformation that she couldn’t quite explain, at least, not rationally. And she wanted nothing to do with it. But then something changed her mind.

CHRISTINE DAY So it was about six weeks into being in bed. And I was visited by, uh, by these angels that said, you know what, we're clearly into part of the God consciousness state, you are part of the God consciousness state.
There is no separation. This is your journey. So I really opened up to commit to my mission, which was to bring the teachings of the Pleiadians to the world.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So, what are these teachings that the Plieadians want Christina to share with our world?
CHRISTINE DAY it's the new dawning and we are going through phases of this new dawning. And what the plea aliens are saying is we are going to be successful in this transmutation. Our mission to this lifetime and self resurrection is really to move from our humanity to awaken to our full sacred self. And I say, this is going to happen in this lifetime, on this planet.
And we will all awaken, some will waken before for others.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Christine compares this awakening process to waking up from a dream. As she’s talking to me, I’m imagining something similar to The Matrix.
CHRISTINE DAY And suddenly we just remember nobody like, Oh yeah, I am okay. I have that human experience, but it's not. That's what happens generally when we die, but in this, but this time we're all going to not leave these physical bodies. We're just going to remember. And that's, that's part of the prophecy of the new dawning for earth and planet earth will never, ever again be a third dimensional planet where people come to live out the human existence.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR This is a lot for me to take in. Because from what I’ve gathered, she’s saying that Earth as we know it will soon no longer exist. Humans will no longer just be humans once we move into our awakening process, we’ll be something much more...powerful. But to do this, we have to listen to the Plieadians, via their ambassador, Christine.

CHRISTINE DAY The Pleiadians say we just have to accept that imperfection, except now humanity. No, that we're perfectly imperfect in our human experience and that's never going to change. And it just self-acceptance of that idiosyncrasies and imperfection will move us into our wakening process. It's, it's a beautiful story and it's a pure story and a story of truth. And that's my role is to unveil those restraints and make it really simple in how people can reconnect to that sacred piece of themselves and awakened.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Okay, remember earlier when Christine mentioned something about a Galactic Council? I, of course, go straight to Star Wars, right? You probably do, too. I ask Christine about this because it just seems too much, you know? out of a TV show, or movie, or sci-fi novel.
Well, the galactic council, uh, um, as, as the word is galactic, they act on the galactic Federation and the galactic Federation is made up of, of all, all the diverse life force groups that exist within our resident universe. And these, these diverse, these groups have representation on the galactic council. The galactic council, all it does is oversee is overseeing this current transition of earth if from a promo, just a third dimensional planet into a higher consciousness planet.
Um, you know, the, the, the evolution of our universe rests with the last planet to fall in line on an energetic standpoint.
And so, um, this galactic council oversees creates a balance of energy, keeping everything steady and stable during this time of upheaval. And so the Pleiadians are part of a universal team to support earth, and they are playing a very strong profile, a large peripheral here on earth right now.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR As Christine explains this to me, I equate all of this to some strange religious cult. So I ask her if she considers this to be a sort of religion.

CHRISTINE DAY What I think, what I think it is, is it's definitely a path, a spiritual path. It's a pocket. Self-empowerment, it's not me being a leader or a guru. It's encouraging each person to link into their own vastness of their own life, of their sacred and that in that it's self-empowerment, um, and there's no control. It's about everyone being encouraged to be where they need to be, and to be in their own experience of self-empowerment and to seek out the truth that exists within their own heart.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I agree with the self-empowerment message for sure. But it all sounds so strange...way beyond Shea’s stories of stalking creatures and Logan’s shadow people theory. I found myself wanting to know more. Christine has thousands of followers. Her YouTube channel alone has almost 14,000 subscribers. Are there other “Pleiadian Ambassadors” like her? Apparently, there are.
Robert Peralla is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and author of two books - The Divine Blueprint and The Divine Architect. He refers to himself as a “spiritual reporter,” and has been researching metaphysics, spirituality, past-life experiences, extraterrestrial science, and earth-based anomalies for more than two decades.
He’s also a musician and a huge Paul McCartney fan.
ROBERT PERALA I met Macca gave himself, he almost ran me over in his car one time. Brilliant. He ran me over almost in his Corvette one day. Wow. It was like, then he got out and he apologized and then everybody, as he drove up, does he drove to the front part of the parking lot to get in the door to the, uh, to the hotel. Everybody said, wow, that was big. You almost, you made it almost history news. You would have been run over and killed by Paul McCartney. That's big. I'm like, yeah, I'd be the guy that was run over by Paul McCartney. That's just the kind of headlines my family would be very interested to see.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Okay, besides almost getting hit by McCartney, Robert also claims he’s been abducted by aliens.
ROBERT PERALA Um, in, uh, I'm 65 years old now, and I'm still in the expos and still, still rambling on with esoteric sciences. But in 1977 was a young man that was in the California Nevada border where it means Lake Tahoe in that area. And I was on a skiing vacation, just reading about, uh, you know, that, that thoughts were real things and that thoughts are tangible and have the ability to travel in the unseen ethers.
suffice to say, I just did a meditation, lit a candle. And I just said, if there's anything out there I'd like to, to know, uh, or like to have some kind of experience.
And, and, uh, so I, I did, uh, lit a candle, send the thought format to the night sky and went to bed. Didn't think anything of it, two 30 in the morning, I'm completely utterly astonished to see that the entire room is lighting up in, um, a silver, like very brilliant light everywhere with speckles all over the place. It looked like little blue, green, violet, Indigo speckles of floating all over the place. And the light seemed to be so silver, white.
And it's seems to be enveloping the whole room and down through the ceiling as if it wasn't there incredibly come down. What looked like three astronauts of some kind, they were tall, eight, seven and a half, eight feet tall. They had silver, like glowing suits
I didn't see any faces. They had like a visor in the front, a flat helmet on the side, rounded at the top with an orange antenna, literally a robot. I mean, that's too much for people to take someone. So they're going to dismiss me and I'm used to that and they're glowing and it's the suit itself even seem to be alive. And of course I had no idea what was happening.
And so I started to scream because I, I just, I didn't understand what this even was. And as I did, I was suddenly frozen and I was placed in like a, a blue, like sphere, like a cocoon of some kind of lighted sphere of some kind. And I suddenly held in like a suspended animation, and I can hear my self screaming still inside my head, but it doesn't seem like there's any sound.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So, let me pause right here for a minute. When I first started creating this podcast, I had no idea that I’d be talking to people about Galactic Councils, or, in this case, giant glowing aliens. But that’s where we are. OKay, here’s Robert again.
ROBERT PERALA If you can imagine screaming inside your head in silence at the same time, that's what this seemed like. And then suddenly the side of the house dropped away and there was a tunnel, you know, like they tell you in the movies, there was this tunnel of light. Well, there was a tunnel of light, you know, and I, somehow it was held in suspended animation. It couldn't move. I didn't have any, any way to resist it or even negotiate it really at this point, your mind doesn't even have room for that. And I dropped down through this tunnel and picks up in speed as I'm going through this white and silver light. Now, again, with the speckles, it's almost too much to take. And at one point I thought I'm on fire. You know, you, you can't live when you're on fire. And I surrendered thinking I'm going to die.
ROBERT PERALA And when I surrendered it sort of let go. It was like, Oh, it's sort of halfway pleasant, you know, but the minute I resisted, it grabbed me again. And it was terrifying. The next thing I knew is I relaxed and suddenly the, the, the whole thing went away and I'm floating in like, uh, a sphere of some kind in some kind of lighted sphere. It's, illumined all the way around me. There's, there's really no floor that I remember or, or walls or actually meeting each other. It just felt like it was a room. Um, um, I don't know, maybe 700, 800 square feet. Wasn't real big. And I'm just floating in this room and everything is still.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Robert says he was then hurled back into this intense light, floating above the townhouse he had rented. He felt himself gradually float down back into the bed in his room, surrounded by the three beings. And then they were gone. He then awoke the next morning and there was no trace that anything had happened the night before. Robert rolled out of bed, and crawled across the floor into the bathroom.
ROBERT PERALA And I turned on the light and I realized it was covered from head to toe and suddenly like a glue of some kind. It was some kind of, um, uh, resistance, some kind of oil that's all over me.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Robert discovered not only did he have oil everywhere, but he was also sunburned. That’s when he laid down and went into a deep sleep. Then he woke up to his parents standing over him, trying to get him to wake up.

ROBERT PERALA I thought this must be some kind of strange dream. I mean, it must have been some physical, weird dream.
And, uh, so I drove home and I didn't say anything. And then I got home and I locked myself in my townhouse,
I'd locked the door. And I stayed in there for 10 days and didn't tell anybody about what this was.
And, um, so eventually I decided since I haven't told anybody, it's time, I find out maybe if this was even real, what happened?
And I went to a, uh, a bookstore and that's where I found, um, you know, a book, uh, about, um, contacts and, and uh, and other books.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR One of the books Robert bought was Alien Messages by Brad Steiger. In it, he read about a woman who had a similar encounter.
ROBERT PERALA I couldn't believe I was reading this, called them, went and did an interview with her. She explained to me that you've had a contact with, with, uh, some kind of a physical form that is visiting here on a regular basis. And so of course that's it. And it changed my mind, my thoughts, I, I spent weeks eventually told my parents.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So, what exactly did happen to Robert? Was it an alien abduction? Did he get beamed up to a spaceship?

ROBERT PERALA A very good question. That's the, sort of the laws of the malleable reality referring to in my case, I never actually saw a spaceship. That's not to say that whatever these beings, how they arrived, didn't come from one and then beam down somehow that's very possible because that happens a lot with people.

CHARLIE MOSS Well, so do you think it was like a near-death experience for you?
ROBERT PERALA There's a catcher in a near death experience. You go out of your body, you're sort of a lighted spirit because that's who you really are. Your thoughts are really coming from the light that's around your body. It's connected to the third portion of your forehead, the third eye and, and portion of the conscious brain.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Remember that whole third-eye, Chakra phenomenon I referenced back in episode 3? You know, when I was talking to Shea about Indigo Children? Robert’s referring to the possibility of achieving a higher consciousness...
ROBERT PERALA And then, you know, sometimes in an accident oriented or in the hospital, you can step out and look at your body and that's happened all the time.
There there's levels of that. I believe there is the level of stepping out of your body. Then there's levels of taking your body, you know, with you. I'm going to guess that, that I took my body with me because there was physical residue afterwards, unlike people that sort of bounce into their body and suddenly feel this sort of slamming back into their body and like you do in a dream and your eyes pop open and you're lying in bed, this is a little more pronounced.
So there, you know, it's what they call the malleable realities.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I don’t want to get too far into the weeds here, but I want to explain the concept of “Malleable realities.” It’s basically the idea that there is a collective unconscious, or a global repository of all humankind’s experiences across time. This creates a dual reality, one that is shared-objective and one that is personally-objective.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Though Robert is still trying to figure out exactly what happened to him back in 1977, he knows one thing. It changed his life completely. And like Christine Day, it awakened him to a whole other reality, the malleable reality he just mentioned. It takes the whole Sixth Sense, “I see dead people” scenario to a completely different level.
ROBERT PERALA so you actually, nobody's really walking alone. What we don't see is the ethers of people that are walking past us. These can be lost, loved ones that are checking in to see their, you know, how they're the responsibility of that person played out while they're in the material world. And now they're not in the material world. They want to see how they grow and what happened to them. They drop in and visits.
There's a committee that is sort of assigned to you to see how you're growing on a number of cases and, you know, mainly emotionally, well, how well you're starting to understand spiritual principles, uh, how well you'll embrace sort of, um, the virtues is a big one tolerance and selflessness and forgiveness and kindness and compassion, unconditional love how you're growing as a soul.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR A committee? Does he mean there’s a group of spirits that are assigned to us, to basically mentor us as humans to help us grow to be better people? I just don’t know how to take this.

ROBERT PERALA Um, and so we are in this learning plane of existence. There, there are these different check-ins, that could be anything from a previous pet to your parents, to a loss brother who passed over already. That wants to see what happened with your life, but what, what happened. And they, you can't see them once in a while. You can feel them. And once in a while, you'll see them in your dream or once in a while, you'll see them even as you are completely asleep and you wake up and you're, you're very, very, very relaxed at that point. The third eye and your center of your forehead can open up a little bit and you people witness people standing by their bed for a few moments. And speaking to them, I recently had my father do this…
You know, my father appears to me first time, I'd seen him in ages

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR At the time I talked to Robert, the California wildfires were unrelenting, Trump was president and the COVID pandemic had just started.
ROBERT PERALA and I sobbed and knelt down and told him where I would, you know, what was happening to me that I was evacuated, um, that the whole world is so different now. And I told him a little bit about, you know, we have a leader in the country I don't agree with, and we have, uh, all kinds of challenges.
And finally, we're now in the middle of a pandemic and we're, you know, and I've been evacuated and we've been fearing for our lives. And it sort of visited me right at that crisis point. When you are at a very low point, I was at a very, very low point. And so my dad doesn't mean it's not like he spoke to me. I would love to say he spoke to me. He told me everything was going to be okay. He gave me the answer. No, he, he, he was slightly younger looking. He just looked onto me and beamed such a beauty. And I felt a calmness when I stood next to his, I leaned her rather kneeled next to his spirit. He was sitting down, we had this all the time. Actually, you're walking through an atmosphere where people are walking right by you and they hear your thoughts.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Though I’m skeptical about all of this, as I’ve been about most everything I’ve heard when it comes to ghosts, shadow people, portals to other dimensions and Plieadians, there’s something very soothing, something very reassuring about all of this. I mean, once I got over the thought of spirits walking by me and eavesdropping on my conversations all the time. Robert’s story reminded me of my own interaction with my deceased father that I mentioned at the beginning of episode one. I feel the need to tell Robert about it.
CHARLIE MOSS my father died when I was 22 and he was not around, I met him for the first time when, uh, when I was 18. And so we kind of had this relationship for about four years, and then he died and he lived in Texas. I lived in Tennessee. And, but when I tried, came back from his funeral, um, I remember having, I was just asleep. I sleep, it was in the middle of the night and I was in bed and I, I distinctly, and I could still remember it to this day is, is I remember this, I felt this shoulder tap and I turned, and then all of a sudden it's black.
I'm standing up, not in bed. And I turned around and that's my father, but it's my father as like, he's dead. I mean, he's not, and I don't mean like a ghost. Like, he looks exactly the way he looked in his coffin, you know, before we buried them. And it was same suit, same, you know, he was older. So he was 68 and he, you know, didn't take care of himself. So he's very like a skin was gray and all this. And he just, he looked at me, turned around and he looked at me, but there was no life in him. And then he, and then he vanished in an instant and I screamed and was sweating. And I for years have been trying to figure out like, was that a dream? Like, it felt so real. I don't know what that means. And, and I don't, like, I still don't know what that means. And I've, I've, I'm curious if maybe that is, it sounds a bit different than what you described with your father, but I just didn't know what that could be or what it means, or, you know, I don't know.

ROBERT PERALA I think it's a visit. I think you've probably had enough authentic visit. There's some kind of laws in between material and non-material, it seems like those that visit us necessarily. There's something there that may maybe in the way that they're not able to actually sometimes speak to us. That's not to say that they don't because they are all my years of research. I've done a lot of interviews. I've given a lot of interviews. I've hosted shows, ask it, ask some of the best esoteric teachers out there. And there seems to be a consensus that some visitations can't have a necessarily an intrusion or, or a, a, a deeper connection. It's more of an observance to let you know that they're actually there. Um, but not necessarily, you can't necessarily engage with them like your experience.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I don’t know what to think about that. My relationship with my father was...complicated. I always had a level of mistrust with him. As I mentioned in episode four, my father left my mom when my twin sister and I were born. I didn’t hear from him until I was around 18. He lived in Houston and I lived in Chattanooga. So we only saw each other a handful of times. He died four years later. There were so many things I never got to ask him. So many things we never got to talk about.
Robert spent a lot of time talking about birth and death, our time here on Earth, finding our purpose, and what happens after we die. How we spend time in the material world to live and learn from our experiences, and then how we take all that when we die to the “other side” as he describes it, before taking another incarnation. This actually makes sense to me. It’s not unlike reincarnation, without the Karma part of it, right? I mean, there are different aspects there, but he’s basically talking about this kind of circle of life and death, using our previous lives to be better versions of ourselves in future lives. But then he mentions this and I once again have a hard time wrapping my brain around it.
ROBERT PERALA And there's more than one earth out there. This isn't the only earth, even I believe, I think that there are other earth just like this, that are in other distance aspects of creation. And, um, but you are who you are because you're the result of everything you've been.

CHARLIE MOSS I, it sounded also like you were talking about, I mean, were you talking when you're talking about multiple or are you talking about like multiple dimensions, like interdimensional travel?
ROBERT PERALA Yeah. That too. Um, the interdimensional travel is sort of the way of the soul's journey too. It it's somehow, somehow, and I'm just saying all this is sort of like, this is subjective.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So now that we’re talking about other dimensions, I ask Robert how Plieadieans fit into all of this.

ROBERT PERALA in the loss books of job, which aren't included in the King James version or the standard version.
your descendants of the house of Pleiades. And it makes reference is to, um, the origin of the soul as coming from the Pleiades system of Cirrus.
We seem to that souls are commissioned to take a journey into the material world on earth, as an adjunct to their studies. Now, in the Pleiades, you have a series of central suns and planets that revolve in this area, that's trying to be understood. And you have the central sons, which is Ty Guetta, Maya era, Electra Alcyone morose, and astronomers are fascinated by this little cluster that looks like a little tiny, uh, little tiny dipper.
And in this system has revolving, uh, spheres that are very much like earth and they're in various degrees. Some are material just like you see now, boom, just like you see here, a physical reality with people, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, look just like us.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Are you getting this so far, because I’m having a hard time keeping up.

ROBERT PERALA There's other formations of there that are Semia theoric. So sometimes when people die and they return back to the, say the Pleiades, this area, they're living in a level that's just karmically sort of above the material world. Well, we're in the material world here. We're subject to everything you can imagine. Mistrust, you know, somebody poking you, uh, stealing from you. Um, you can't hear their thoughts. They can't hear your thoughts. Um, it's this is a very extraordinary dense reality, Charles. This is like, wow, this is like, when I don't want to say it's the bottom of the barrel,
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR But he kind of is. In all of the realities that exist, ours is basically the worst.

ROBERT PERALA This is a very difficult reality. And then some souls that do well rise up into other spheres and those spheres are in the Pleiades, whereas they don't have all of the setbacks that we have. Uh, we have we're setback with pollution murder, uh, strange belief systems, um, billions living out of print, spiritual principles. They're not living in and they don't know what spiritual principles are. We're sort of above the ape and able to create things that can take the entire planet out, uh, at this point, as well as you know, so we're sort of at that, we're at an intervention point basically where they could lose this experience for all the incoming karmic bounds souls that are due to be here.

CHARLIE MOSS So, okay. So trying to, so are, so are we, I feel like this is all, I mean, I feel like this is everything we've talked about is connected and I'm, I'm, I'm I guess I'm trying to, in my head connect at all, as far as like, you know, are we, in fact Pleiadians like, is that what you were saying? Or like, yeah, we are.
ROBERT PERALA Yes. Are just like, you know, if you look for your lineage of your family who might be part German and part Canadian or whatever, we have that sort of on a staff, I believe we have that on a stellar level as well. We're partly Adian we're part, you know, our soul has been in other systems. That's, that's a deep story about the origin of the soul is sort of telling a story that, yeah, we, we have, uh, we have an origin in the Pleiades it's found in astrology.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I don’t know about you, but my brain hurts. It sounds like Robert’s take on Plieadians seems to be similar to Christine’s, except for the whole human-lizard aspect. They both talk about the need for love and kindness, of being a good person, learning from your mistakes, all of those kinds of things. And I can get behind that. But to be clear, none of this is science. None of this is based on facts. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with any of it. People are entitled to believe what they want to believe, as long as it’s not hurting anyone else. Right…? All of this started to make me wonder...what are the chances that all of what we’ve just heard is true? Could Plieadians exist, in some shape or form? Are there alternate dimensions? I’ve read my fair share of comic books, seen plenty of sci-fi TV shows and movies, so the idea of a “multiverse” or an “Upside Down” is not lost on me. But could this concept be real? And if so, what does it look like?
I started googling alternate dimensions, parallel universes, things like that, and I came across a series of news stories about a physicist named Dr. Leah Broussard at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Eastern Tennessee. She, along with a group of colleagues, is conducting experiments to see if there is, in fact, a parallel universe or an alternate dimension.
Living in Chattanooga, Oak Ridge is only a couple of hours from me. So I took a trip there with my friend Monte, who absolutely geeks out over all things science. I asked him to come because I knew I was going to get in over my head. I took chemistry three times in high school and the best I made in Physics was a C. If my conversations with Christine and Robert were a bit taxing on me, I knew that talking to a professional physicist would require some translation. So, Monte agreed to help.
I’d never been to Oak Ridge before. My mom and uncle lived there briefly before moving to Chattanooga when they were kids. Honestly, I didn’t know much about it, other than the town was created to accommodate the scientists who were working on the atomic bomb during World War II.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Nicknamed “the Secret City,” I always imagined Oak Ridge to be this tiny little podunk town with these ramshackle houses left over by the U.S. government, a place that was kind of frozen in time. But as Monte and I drive into town, I’m surprised to see how beautiful it was. I mean yes, the town does rely on the importance of its history to help bring in tourists and help the local economy. You can’t go a mile or so without seeing a sign or an historical landmark noting its significance in the production of the atomic bomb. But Oak ridge is very much a thriving community with plenty of modern amenities.
Before visiting Dr. Broussard, Monte and I stop at The Manhattan Project Historical Park to learn a little about the history of the area. Here’s what we learned.
Oak Ridge was one of three secret locations picked by the federal government in 1942 as a production site for the top secret Manhattan Project. You know, the initiative authorized by President Roosevelt after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor a year earlier? The project was created to essentially end World War II by way of an atomic bomb.
Before it was called Oak Ridge, the 59,000 acres of land along the Clinch River was mostly farmland. The town was originally meant to accommodate 13,000 scientists, engineers, and other workers in prefabricated housing, trailers, and wooden dorms. But by 1945, it became Tennessee’s fifth largest city at 75,000 citizens.
A lot of the facilities there have closed since the end of the war. And the population declined to around 30,000 after a lot of the federal employees left, which is where the population stands today.
When Monte and I arrive at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, we realize what a massive facility it is. I mean, the whole campus is overwhelmingly huge. I can’t help but take a moment to understand how much world-changing history has taken place here.
Security here is stringent, so I can’t record at all while we enter the building or wait to meet with Leah.
We’re promptly greeted and escorted to a meeting room where we meet Dr. Broussard.

DR. LEAH BROUSSARD yeah. Oh my, my job title is scientist. Isn't that cool? I'm too, I'm tickled by that.
CHARLIE MOSS what do you remember, like what was the first thing that really kind of inspired you and made you think, you know, maybe I want to pursue, maybe I want to become a scientist, maybe I want to study physics.
DR. LEAH BROUSSARD Well, that was always going to happen. Um, I'm, I'm very, I'm a very analytical person. I'm very thoughtful, careful, you know, I like to take things apart and think about them really carefully. And I, I don't think there was every ever any doubt that I would be a scientist.
Um, but I think there was certainly the influence, you know, in my early childhood, uh, my, my grandfather was an engineer and I was, I was the only one allowed in his library where he just had, he had walls of like popular science and popular mechanics and, and even, you know, engineering journals and just really cool, like, you know, just stuff.
Yeah. That, that I could just go through and, and just lock myself in there and, you know, just read. And that, that was always me. And you know, I had a science teacher in high school, cool. Uh, or Roland Potts, who, who basically, uh, shook me by the shoulders and said, you're going to be a physicist.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR As a physicist, Dr. Broussard’s specialty is neutrons. But she also does a lot of stimulation analysis and programming work. In the fields of nuclear and particle physics, there’s an overwhelming amount of data that needs to be culled through. So Dr. Broussard and her peers have to be able to process it in a fast, organized way.
Dr. Broussard is from a tiny Louisiana town in the heart of the Cajun region.

DR. LEAH BROUSSARD Uh, my family has diligently traced out our family tree and we, I can say that I'm with, with full confidence that I'm not sure that I'm anything but Cajun. Um, so it's, and that's, you know, that's, that's been a kind of a, uh, fun, uh, part of my personality that I've brought to science. I hide a Mardi Gras references and all of my experiments on it, so I don't hide so, well. I, you know, there's the picture of me that kind of went around. His is my, my greatest masterpiece. I managed to, uh, uh, uh, through some deviousness get my entire experiment. Marty girl colored purple, green, and gold. So that's when people realize what was happening and they were like, no, I'm going to be a mad scientist one day. That's my plan. Mad Marty girl scientist.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So we start talking about Dr. Broussard’s mirror universe experiment...exactly what it is, why she’s doing it, things like that. DR. LEAH BROUSSARD So there is, there's background on my interest in it and I guess there's background on people interested in, in mirror image universes. Um, the, the interest in the idea that there could be this mirror matter or this mirror universe, uh, actually came from early on in our exploration of understanding how our own matter interacts. Uh, we know about four fundamental forces, gravity, electromagnetism, the strong force and the weak force, the weak force being the one that's responsible for nuclei at a Tom Adams, uh, being radioactive and undergoing what we call beta decay. It emits an electron, which is what we now know at the time. We call it the beta particle, um, and transforms into another nucleus. Uh, that process is, is a little funny. Um, it, it disobeyed a symmetry that as far as we know, all the other forces seem to obey. It actually seems to care whether a particle is right handed or left.
And that made a lot of people very unhappy. It's, it's strange. I mean, we actually, today we still don't understand why that is. And so the original idea was, well, you know, our universe is lefthanded. Perhaps there's another set of particles and forces or another universe of, of like ours that's, that's right-handed. And that maybe that's how we can restore that symmetry. CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Okay, so if you’re like me, that might have been a little confusing. Symmetry is defined as a balanced proportional similarity between two halves of an object. So, the left side of your face is typically symmetrical to the right side of your face. Now, imagine you’re looking into a mirror and you raise your right arm up to wave. Your reflection waves back to you but with the left hand. While this isn’t symmetrical, per se, it’s not a huge deal, right? Because if you want to see your right hand wave in your reflection, you can just wave your left hand. There’s a balance there.
But for the universe, it’s not so easy to correct if the symmetry or balance is off.
Okay, so in particle physics, there’s something called The Standard Model of Particle Physics, which is scientists’ best theory to describe the most basic building blocks of the universe. Among those building blocks are particles called quarks, which make up protons and neutrons. And then there are these other particles called leptons, which don’t have strong interactions. Quarks and leptons make up all known matter.
Still with me? Okay, so there are left-handed particles that spin clockwise, and right-handed particles that spin counterclockwise. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter which way they are spinning. The laws and rules of physics are the same. A good example of this is a top. Whether you spin a top clockwise or counterclockwise, the rules of physics are the same; they are left-right symmetric. It’s all balanced, right? But not always. Sometimes, as Dr. Broussard points out, these Beta particles, or electrons, actually care whether these particles are spinning clockwise or counterclockwise. And when this happens, these electrons choose the left-hand particles to bond with only, which kind of messes with the balance of the universe. The problem is that nobody knows why this happens. This is where dark matter comes into play, and how it ties into Dr. Broussard’s mirror universe experiments.
DR. LEAH BROUSSARD It seemed to be that there was rather a lot of matter in the universe that we didn't interact with what we know, what we don't call dark matter. And that evidence has, has really strengthened. And now it's, it's very conclusive that we have very strong gravitational observational evidence for dark matter.
But it's, it's clear that we don't understand something about the majority of the matter in the universe. So it's, it's interesting to think that maybe, maybe this concept of restoring symmetry with right-handed, uh, uh, right-handed weak interaction with the second mirror universe might, might, might solve that.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Dark matter is composed of particles that don’t absorb, reflect or emit light, so they can’t be seen directly, the way we see all other matter, like trees, cars, people, animals, and pretty much anything else made up of protons, atoms, molecules, and compounds. Since it’s never been seen, it’s only a theory right now, a hypothetical component of our universe. But like Dr. Broussard suggests, there’s very strong evidence it exists.

DR. LEAH BROUSSARD Okay. From my point of view, I come into this story, uh, firmly in our universe, uh, looking at understanding our neutron. The neutron is a subatomic particle that makes up atoms. All atoms are made up of electrons and then they have a nucleus which is made up of protons and neutrons. Um, I study the property properties of the neutron. Actually if you take the neutron out of the nucleus, it's radioactive and it undergoes this process of beta decay and turns into a proton. So I studied that. Um, and we, we've realized in the past, well for some time in the past decade, I guess is where the case has really been sharpening. Uh, that process of the decay of the neutron. Uh, the rate at which it decay is what we call the lag, the half-life or the lifetime that's appears to be different depending on the kind of technique you use. If you're measuring the total rate that it disappears, it, it seems to disappear a little bit faster than if you're measuring the rate that it transforms into protons. So, uh, most of our attention is, is, is focused on, uh, reevaluating all of our assumptions about how we conduct those experiments and what we might be doing wrong. And one of those assumptions is, is the neutron really only transforming into a proton or could it be transforming into something invisible? Maybe some invisible twin, like a mirror neutron.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR A mirror neutron in a mirror universe… DR. LEAH BROUSSARD So if you believe the mirror matter model or if you want to work start from the mirror matter model, it's saying it's, it's, it's a very simple extension of our knowledge. Everything is just a copy. So everything that our universe is capable of doing, it's capable of doing that. That's, that's just how it looks. And some, some, you know, a universe scale observations have to be different to, to match what we observe, how we observe dark matter to behave. But it's still the same particles. So actually would be very familiar to us. You'd still see sort of dust and stars and, and if you want to know if there could be mirror, mirror life, I think the first question you ask is, well, do you think there's life in our universe that might set the scale of probability? And that's a great question that I also still can't answer and we may never know the answer to even if it does exist. Um, so it's this, this kind of candidate would be very familiar, you know, if it's some other kind of, you know, dark neutron, some kind of neutral twin but not necessarily mirror matter. Well, I mean that's, that would be truly exotic would be something adding something completely new and unknown and foreign and I don't know what that would do. I don't know how that would interact. Like that would be pretty fascinating. CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I am in no way suggesting that this is the same, but I can’t help but go back to what Robert Perala was saying about there being multiple earths just like ours. Again, clearly this is not what Dr. Broussard is saying. But it does make me wonder what this could mean for Earth and reality as we know it.
CHARLIE MOSS So talk to me about what all that means for somebody like me whose science backgrounds, very, very limited. What, what does that mean on a larger scope? DR. LEAH BROUSSARD Well, we know that our universe is very mysterious. I mean, what is dark matter is it, there are a lot of kind of interesting popular candidates that we've been searching for for some time, but whatever it is, we haven't found it. So it's, it's, it's a big puzzle. Um, and if, if there is something like, you know, if mirror matter, uh, the, the, this matter that looks a lot like our matter, uh, makes up part or you know, some substantial fraction of this dark matter. I mean, dark matters could be very rich. Of course our own matters. Very rich. Um, Oh man, what would that mean? I don't know. It's, it's, it's, it's, it would be very fascinating. I don't know. It's, that's a hard question to answer. I mean, you know, what, what are the implications? What could you do with this technology? I mean, it would just turn our whole, everything we know about physics upside down to realize that there could be copies of our universe coexisting with this. I mean, and maybe in a very mundane sense, you know, when people got comfortable with the idea, it would be just like, Oh, there's stars in the universe. Of course they are, but Oh, there's mere matter in the universe. Of course there is, you know, but you know, like how could we use it? What could that mean for us? Those are very interesting questions that I can't even, I can't even, yeah, no. MONTE BROCK So would it be fair to say this is like a new dawning of physics or is it just an extension of the stinker model into an area we haven't seen yet?
Are you guys pushing open a boundary or just stepping into a new area?
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR That’s my friend Monte...again, he knows a lot more about all of this than I do. DR. LEAH BROUSSARD I actually think of it more like the latter. our description of the universe, what we call the standard model of particle, it's, it does a really phenomenal job of describing what we've found so far and we, I expect that it would be a very kind of natural, you know, for example, just adding this, this symmetry that's kind of a natural extension and a lot of the physics would be the same, you know? But on the other hand, that's this, this dark matter does appear to be very exotic. It doesn't necessarily seem to behave like our matter. So even if it is mirror matter, there is something different about it. Uh, you know, some, some theorists speculate that maybe the, the universe of mirror matter is just born as sort of colder and that's why its behavior seems a little a little different from how our art matter behaves. But I mean, you know, in some sense I think to the average person, yes this is, this is turning one, whatever we discover, if we ever discover what dark matter is this, this would be a whole new era of that they're walking into and it could have really dramatic consequences
I think this is one of the most important problems in all of sciences. Okay. What is most of our universe made of? So answering that question, I think it's probably one of the most important pursuits humankind can can tackle

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR This is only one piece of the whole project Leah is working on. So I ask her to explain how all of this relates to the bigger picture of what she and her colleagues are trying to do. DR. LEAH BROUSSARD Um, so the, we have a lot of ideas on how to do this kinds of, uh, this search, this search for neutrons disappearing into something exotic. And there are a lot of, there are quite a few mechanisms by which neutrons might transform that we could be sensitive to. Um, we performed a, we, the original goal was to perform, or well, our goal ultimately I should say not even the original goal, it still is, is to perform most of these searches at the high flux isotope reactor, which is a very, very intense, one of the most powerful sources of neutrons for research in the world. Um, the instrument we found that we want to, to use, uh, w we, they have a lot of what we already want out of an instrument that's designed to do this kind of search. But right now they're undergoing some upgrades of, of their instrument, which are actually kind of nice for us cause it makes some of the things we want to do even easier. And they were actually able to accommodate some small requests for us. So we decided we were kind of anxious to just to get going. So we actually performed our first search this summer at the spallation neutron source. And uh, we were able to, so that's, that experiment has happened. We were in, the universe is still here, so no, no fabric of space time was, was ripped. Um, and I don't have a pet do my Gorgon. Darn it. Um, uh, uh, so we, we, we were able to perform that at this deletion, neutron source. Uh, we agreed ahead of time because of the overwhelming media attention. We wouldn't announce the results until we had at least some peer review, you know, to, to, to, to go through and, and someone other than us assess what we believe we, what, what limits we, we believe we measured what, what anomalies, if any. We think we saw, um, that's that we all, we said all of that in advance and you know, now we know what we saw and you don't ha it was actually so, so that, that's done. And I think we can, we can probably, uh, I hope it, it won't take us very long to make, to make an announcement and, and you know, have something kind of clear that can show the public, okay, here's what's really going on. You know, I'd really like, I'd really like to have that, but we, you know, especially with all the media attention, I said, okay, I can't address this. I have to, you know, we're so close, we're going to focus, we're going to get it done and, and, and have something cool to show everybody. Um, we're a pretty small team. Uh, I would say the biggest people involved in this experiment are myself and a professor Yuri commish cough at the university of Tennessee. Uh, URI has actually been thinking about neutrons transforming into things like anti neutrons for a long time and invisible, exotic, dark, strange mirror. Neutrons aren't that much of a leap. I guess once you decide matter can transform into anti-matter, you know, why couldn't matter transform into other things, you know, why not. Um, so he's been working in this field for a long time. He actually recruited me to help him come up with some ideas on how we could do that kind of measurement here. So I've been thinking about this with him for a few years and we have a, we've recruited some, some students, we have some collaborators from other institutions to help us with some of the, you know, everyone has very varied, uh, expertise in how to accomplish specific technical components. And y ou know, even, especially here, we have world-leading neutron science, you know, so we have a lot of great, it's, I, you know, I guess it's not everywhere that you just have this wonderful resource in your own backyard, right, where you can do this kind of experiment. Um, so I mean, I don't know, maybe there's, maybe there's like 20 of us, which is just pretty small, I think, uh, including, you know, the students that and, and us trying very hard to recruit more people that I work with us. Alright. It might be something like that. So all in this area, ah, no, I'm not a big, a big fraction of us are in this area. And then we have, uh, a few people at universities.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I ask Leah about the media reaction to her dark matter experiment, because for a while, I saw article after article about it. For about a week, headlines about Dr. Broussard’s project were all over the internet.
DR. LEAH BROUSARD it definitely sparked the public's imagination. You know, especially if if you're, you're going to read quickly or maybe even only the headline that that might be a U S you see words like portal and parallel universe. I mean, what does that mean to the average person? I could tell you what it means to me. I'm going to travel through time or go do go to another dimension or you know, something really, really fantastical and it's, you know, I like science fiction. That's, that's fine. That's, it's, it's cool. Um, the, the, but this was like a small spot at the small splash. The, uh, the, the real splash came, uh, I guess after the journalists from NBC news contacted me and wanted to do a followup story and how we were proceeding by that time, we actually were approved to run the experiment. So we weren't just talking about things. We were real. Um, and, uh, the story went live at the same time of this, you know, excellent pop culture, hook, stranger things was released and man, it, it just exploded. And every headline is, as soon as you scientists opening a portal to a parallel universe, like, no, I don't know. You know? And I had kind of mixed mixed feelings about it. I felt kind of bad actually. I was worried that, you know, it was coming across like I was misleading people about what my research actually was. Uh, I think what I'm doing is really cool, but I don't have a magic sword ripping through the fabric of, say, space, time or anything. Um, you know, actually I'm not even opening anything.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR After our interview, Leah takes us on a tour of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. While there are a few areas in the facility that look similar to what they did in 1943, when scientists were racing against the clock to beat the Nazis in building an atomic bomb, much of the facility has changed. And so has its mission.
I learn that it’s now the largest science and energy laboratory run by the US Department of Energy. Not only does the lab work with neutrons, as Leah described, but it also does a lot of work around clean energy, security, computing, and of nuclear power.

We meet some of Leah’s colleagues in the Spallation Neutron Source facility, or SNS for short, which is where a lot of Leah’s mirror-universe experimentation happens. The first thing I notice is that it looks like a huge warehouse with multiple levels, and lots of bright yellow staircases.
There are a lot of things going on around us - scientists working in physics, chemistry, biology and materials science. Again, I’m overwhelmed at everything I’m seeing, everything I just don’t understand.
As we walk to Leah’s area, I ask her what kinds of other projects she and her team are working on.

DR. LEAH BROUSSARD A lot of intense work is going into that kind of studies measuring something very precisely and looking for some small error or deviation, something, something, not quite what we predict because we know there are things like dark matter. And we know there are things like ice there matter at all and not, you know, half the universe being made of anti-matter and we're all annihilating and why we're having a podcast. Um, so the, these, this is kind of an interesting, really interesting area of physics right now and also related to this question of matter is you know, what, what is the shape of the neutron? Actually that's probably one of the most well motivated and intense areas of research, uh, in, in my field is shapes of fundamental particles and the symmetry in their shape is actually related to this observed lack of symmetry. If, if the, if these fundamental particles aren't round and we call that an electric dipole moment if they're not round according to the electric force, um, that would tie directly to this question of why the universe happens to be made of matter and not anti-matter that there, those symmetries are very, very closely related. And so those are two areas that I work on.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR She then shows Monte and me where her experiment is taking place. I don’t know how else to describe it except to say that there’s a row of large, rectangular containers, that are assigned to different neuron beam experiments. Each experiment is differentiated by a color. Leah’s are gold, purple and green, which symbolizes her Cajun roots in Louisiana.

DR. LEAH BROUSSARD We don't have a sample, as you rightly pointed out earlier. Instead, the neutrons are kind of like a flashlight. Actually this whole thing is kind of like a fiber optic lamp, right? We're all of these guides, uh, just allow just the same way light is travels down fiber optics and who tried to travel down these guides. And in our case, they travel through a very strong magnet. So this, this large green two that you see in front of us, this seven meter called tube is actually a magnetic spectrometer. It uses magnetic fields to measure the energy of charged particles. So in our case, what we're looking at is the neutron. Some of them, as they pass through this, that will decay. And when they do so they'll turn into photons and also emit the beta particles, the electrons. So the magnetic field captures those charged particles.

It captures the proton and the electron and charge particles will go in circles when they're in magnetic fields. So they'll actually just spiral as they travel, either up or down. So all the charge particles captured and they'll just sort of spiral either to the top of the magnet or the bottom of the magnet. And we have detectors there that can detect these charged particles. And based on the how fast those particles were going and what direction they're going, we can actually compare that to our theory very, very precisely. So this will actually let us characterize beta decay with unprecedented decision. That's a pretty exciting experiment, Florida and to color sometimes physics is like kindergarten.
I also talked about this other experiment that's looking at the shape of the neutron. That one's going to come next. So it's not yet exciting, but we naturally have to build that entire step. The second experiment, this is going to be a massive, it's a major, huge, major facility in itself. So this experiment is going to house all of the infrastructure and there'll be another building that we're going to build in about a year just beyond that wall, which will actually house the experiment itself. So this is coming, this is, you know, in about a year we're going to start building it while this experiments running. And as soon as this experiment ends, we expect that one to be just about ready to, uh, to start going. And that assumes everything's time pretty nicely. In reality, things will take a little longer to take data that's experimental, take a little longer set up. It's still gonna line up perfectly if by design but not by accident. So this is, this is where all the fun stuff is happening. We're doing all the assembly work. Usually we're working so, and that's it. That's us. Awesome. Yeah. Cool.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR As Monte and I end our time at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, something occurs to me. For years, Oak Ridge was, and still is, known as The Secret City. It was shrouded in mystery for so long...home of a top secret U.S. government project. It’s ripe for conspiracy theories. That was part of the appeal for me to visit. I ask Leah if this is something she still encounters
DR. LEAH BROUSSARD but that's, yeah, and that's, that's also historical. I mean, we have been, we have been his mysterious and now we're, we're very much in a, in a large way, we're an open science laboratory. And you know, I think last year, like in the summers now, maybe last year, they started allowing the public to have like an a day where the public conducts would come and give tours.

Maybe I hope that it gets less mysterious over time. Cause yeah, I, I think a lot of what we're doing is pretty exciting and I think everyone should know that.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Okay, I wasn’t expecting some sort of glowing portal into a mirror universe a la Stranger Things. But talking with all of these folks about mysterious energy, Pleiadians, interdimensional portals and shadow people got my imagination going as to the possibilities. Talking to Leah was a welcome relief to me. It helped ground me in reality, or at least my own reality. But that’s the thing, right? To people like Christine, Robert, Logan, Shea and her mom Jennifer, that is reality for them. What they experience is their truth. Who am I to say they’re wrong? I mean, science can. But even then, we’re not talking about science. We’re talking about beliefs and theories.
What I’m struggling with here, and maybe you are, too, is how people can seriously believe things like shadow people stealing lost souls and taking them back to the shadow king, who, by the way, lives in another dimension. Or lizard aliens taking over our bodies so we can become Pleiadian ambassadors. Or ghosts from other realities that walk among us, checking to make sure we’re okay.
It’s the mystery behind these beliefs, isn’t it? That there’s something more out there than what we can prove? It’s like religion, it’s all about the faith we have in something we can’t prove is real. The more I think about all of this, the more I realize that to really get the perspective I need on all of this, I need to make a trip to Braley Pond, so I can see for myself just what’s true and what’s not.


Christine Day believes she is a Pleiadian Ambassador, someone who is embodied by an interdimensional race of beings called Pleiadians. Robert Perala is the co-author of The Divine Blueprint and the victim of a mysterious abduction that occurred in 1977. Though Logan describes Pleiadians in episode six as something akin to “shadow people from another dimension, entering our reality through a portal,” Christine and Robert offer a different view on what these beings are. Meanwhile, Dr. Leah Broussard, a physicist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is working on an experiment to see if there is indeed, a portal of sorts, to another kind of reality.

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