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Episode Eight: Back to Braley Pond

Episode Eight: Back to Braley Pond

Episode Eight: Back to Braley Pond

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR My name is Charlie Moss and I’ve been a freelance journalist and writer for more than 10 years. I’ve written for The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Slate, Vice, The Bitter Southerner, and other publications. I also used to work for an online camping magazine called The Dyrt. It was there that I wrote about a haunted campground just outside of Staunton, Virginia. The more I dug into the story, the more I realized that this wasn’t just a simple Halloween ghost tale. It was something much deeper, much more sinister and otherworldly than I ever imagined. And I’ve spent the last two years finding out as much as I can about What Happened at Braley Pond.
This is episode eight - Back to Braley Pond
SHEA WILLIS I truly believe, I think there were two different energetic entities
I truly believe that one of them was not from here.
And so the events that Brailey while at the time due to perception, they seem to be something that that was almost borderline evil,
in reality, it was just my perception of the event. And there was something there that had an agenda that fed upon that fear. That's one reason I want to go back

CHARLIE MOSS I'm sitting here waiting on Kevin, Kevin Robertson's house. And, uh, soon as he comes out, we're going to go to bed, barely pond, meet Shea out there.
Gonna be pushing it close. It might be a few minutes late. Um, it takes about 40 minutes to get out there from where Kevin lives. So, uh, yeah, just waiting on him to, uh, come out to the car a little nervous and nervous, uh, after all this time going out there. And I'm not really sure what we're going to find, find anything, not really sure what to expect. You know, when you, when you have this picture in your head of kind of the way you imagine things to go or the way you imagined things to be, um, you know, like I have this image of barely upon my head now that I've been, uh, you know, doing this story for two years now. Um, I'm not really sure what to expect.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I’m sitting in my car, which is in Kevin Robertson’s driveway. The plan was that I text him to let him know when I arrived so he could just come out to my car, since I knew we would be in a hurry to meet Shea. The purpose of our visit to Braley Pond, of course, is to investigate what happened to her there in 2003, and to find this supposed portal Logan was telling me about. But it’s also meant to be an opportunity for Kevin to try to communicate with Christopher, or Scott, as he still calls him, and possibly find some closure, so he can move on from his best friend’s untimely death.

CHARLIE MOSS I guess Kevin, his mom was upstairs, she's in a wheelchair and he lives in the, um, in the basement. Um, okay. It's like a single story ranch or type house, lots of vehicles in the driveway, like old trucks and tractors and uh, you know, like some farming equipment, some more cars in the back.
Kevin also mentioned that he is a welding equipment and he's a welder.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Kevin doesn't live too far away from the Motel 6 I’m staying at just off the highway while I’m visiting Stuanton. I messaged him that I was on my way and he was supposed to meet me out front but I don’t see him. So I decide to knock on his front door.

KEVIN’S MOM Hi, it's Kevin here. Kevin. I'm supposed to pick him up cause we're supposed to go to Brainly Palm. Go down this way. Okay. All right. Thanks. Appreciate it.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR As I make my way to the side of the house, I noticed some stairs that lead down to the basement where Kevin is living. The door is cracked, so I knock on the door, calling for him. No answer.
I open the door slowly. I’m trying not to invade his privacy but he doesn’t seem to hear me. As I step inside, I notice the place is a mess, with boxes of old stuff, tools, and used, dirty furniture scattered all over. There’s a washer and dryer straight ahead of me and a tall wall shelf filled with mason jars, some filled with different kinds of pickled veggies, and what looks like salsas.

CHARLIE MOSS [inaudible]. Hey Kevin. Charlie. [inaudible]. Hey Kevin. [inaudible]. Hey, Kevin. Kevin [inaudible] Kevin Robertson. Kevin. Hey Kevin. It's Charlie.
Hey, Kevin, you almost ready. Hey Kevin, you're almost ready. You're almost ready. You're almost ready. You're almost ready to go to Braylee.
CHARLIE MOSS Cause Shay's she's waiting on us. Oh, she is? Yeah. Oh yeah. She's like two minutes. Okay.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR As I wait on Kevin to emerge from his basement apartment, I’m incredibly anxious. Not just because we’re running late and I know Shea will be waiting on us, but because this trip to Braley Pond is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time. And I know Kevin has, too. It’ll also be the first time I meet Shea in person after numerous phone calls, emails and texts. It sounds like Kevin is making his way outside.

KEVIN ROBERTSON It is two seven (272) 653-1827 J.
That's what it's called. [inaudible] a certain set. When did she's allergic to that? You can't, you cannot give her that. When do you kill my child?

Okay. Where is she now? Hi. No, no, I'm not. I'm not, I'm not. I'm I'm just asking you. What is it doing to you?

[inaudible] just started hurting as a swollen up. Oh, is new medicine and giving you honey. I mean, that's all I need to know. You got to tell me, he's saying [inaudible]

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR (audio fades so you don’t hear specific words Kevin is saying.) Kevin’s on the phone with his ex. They share custody of his daughter Kaylee. Apparently, Kaylee’s having an allergic reaction to some medication. I back out of Kevin’s driveway and we begin the drive to Braley Pond.
KEVIN ROBERTSON Sorry about that. This is listen, this is my wife. I'll tell you what, one thing after another one thing after another one thing after another and I still don't get it right.
CHARLIE MOSS What are you a welder by trade? Like, is that what you do? That's what you do now, but you used to do,
KEVINI ROBERTSON I guess like in charge. Yeah. Yeah, I do at all. I do all the heavy equipment, all welding and I do all high structural high structural like bridge or uh, like underneath bridges and stuff like high structural wound and like, and telephone poles. Yeah. Yeah.
CHARLIE MOSS I guess it's uh, it's nice. Cause it's like, uh, you know, yeah, the new project it's like something different.
CHARLIE MOSS How are you feeling about Riley? Oh, Oh yeah, man. Huh? You nervous at all? Nah,
KEVIN ROBERTSON It was me and my dad used to hunt out here, like all the time. Right.
Oh yeah. They're all workers up there.
I'm tell you the older she gets, man. Us and the more wild and crazy accurate.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR As we make the roughly 30 minute drive to Braley, Kevin and I chit chat about our kids, what to expect when we get there, and Christopher.

KEVIN ROBERTSON Yes. Is there a main, cause I, I don't know exactly where I'm meeting. I'm assuming there's a main parking area. Yeah.
CHARLIE MOSS ou have any like, uh, expectations or anything from this?
KEVIN ROBERTSON Oh, no, not really. No. I've been up here like a bunch last sip for and stuff like that. Haley, whenever we wanted to go today, I said, no, I'm going to sit near your thinking. I'm just going to do for fun.
CHARLIE MOSS So kind of thinking about what Chris is just seems like from, from my perspective, I just tried to do all the research and trying to get in touch with people. And like, if it just seems, uh, he doesn't have a lot of people left. Right. It sound fine. Yeah. Do you know what I mean? And, and this area, I just, it might look big to you. Right. But like this whole area and stuff like that and have Willie nod, it's like asleep, like a desert, like very, very small, like, you know what I'm saying though? Like people that live here and stuff like that and just everybody knows everybody and all like a lot of people just don't fall into the group of like, Oh, you know what I'm saying? Like, because you know, one side of the street is going to be probably gang members.
KEVIN ROBERTSON And the other side of the street might be a bunch of rednecks. And you know what I mean? Just like when Scott, Scott was like always, you know, scholar was like always the one, like he was just a cell phone, you know, at first. And he stayed to herself at first. And then, you know, when we hung out and everything else, you know, we were just, we didn't follow any kind of groups. I didn't want to be in no group. I just wanted to be myself. Correct. But one, you know, after high school hit senior year, I guess what? Well, he went in the fall in that group, gang members
And my last construction job, I did this last bridge up here. Hmm. Yeah. It has a bunch of solar panels over there too. Yeah.
Is there a right down here at the bridge right after bridge
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR As we arrive at Braley, we see Shea sitting in her truck.

CHARLIE MOSS Yeah, No. And this was, was this way. No
Yeah. I wonder if that's Shea..
That might be shea right there. [inaudible]
Hi. Good.
SHEA WILLIS Sorry, Kevin. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you t.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR This podcast has focused a lot on the energy around and inside us. If anyone has good energy, it’s Shea. And it’s a pleasure to get to finally meet her in person.

SHEA WILLIS wo years in the making. Sorry about that. Oh my God. I got held up. All right. Give me time to sit here and shake off the willies. So what's the plan?
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Shea lives in Buckingham, a town almost two hours away from Braley Pond.
CHARLIE MOSS I don't know. I mean, I, I just, uh, I was hoping to do like a little energy reading. Uh, and then, um, I guess his spot, his spot, isn't it. Yeah. Maybe go over there and.
SHEA WILLIS you've not been here yet. I've never been there. Well, we should take a walk first. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, we should do that.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR There are a couple of other cars parked here in the gravel parking lot on this warm, breezy Sunday morning.

Shea, Kevin and I start walking. A small building with bathrooms is to the left of us, and as we head on the gravel trail, I notice a couple of large maps as well as signs framed by wood on the right of us, welcoming visitors to the area. There are quite a few picnic tables scattered throughout to both sides of us. There are a couple of wooden bridges ahead of us that cross a small creek. We go to the second one and cross it, which leads us to some concrete steps with a metal handrail that lead up to the top of a small levy.

SHEA WILLIS So the bridge and the story is that bridge right there. Okay. And it's always had rails on it, so you can imagine what it took. So the [inaudible] ended up being the edge of the water from this side. So as we were coming across that bridge and I was maybe, I don't know, eight, nine feet back from him and we were running
CHARLIE MOSS A little higher.
SHEA WILLIS There's a couple of cool, I mean, paying attention to anything that you might feel or experience or whatever.
CHARLIE MOSS No, I'm nervous right now for some reason,
SHEA WILLIS This place does that to people.,

That's beautiful. That's one of the tragedies of it.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR We make our way down to a small concrete platform at the bottom of some wooden steps that lead right up to the edge of the pond. Shea, who says she still doesn’t know the details of it, explains what she thinks happened after Kolani Noa and Seth Tinsley murdered Christopher.
I should note here just how beautiful Braley Pond is. It's a pretty massive pond surrounded by trees. It’s incredibly quiet and peaceful here.
SHEA WILLIS So yeah, they basically brought press up these steps down that side onto the platform, threw him in the water where he fell into the water or whatever you ended up in the water.

CHARLIE MOSS ondering where they fit 15. You know what I mean? Like where the,
SHEA WILLIS I always felt like it was down there. I don't know that for sure. That's like on that concrete and Kevin, I don't know what you know.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I sent Seth a photo of the concrete slab Shea’s referring to and asked him if this was the spot where they murdered Christopher and dumped his body. Seth verified that, yes, this was the exact spot.
Before 2003, Braley Pond was a place Shea used to love to visit, along with her family. But by the time she came back with Chris Pugh in 2003, something changed.
SHEA WILLIS Well, my impression when I,

And I, I think I told you, I used to come out here as a kid. I mean, and there was nothing wrong with this place when I was eight years old, you know, in the middle of the mid seventies, it felt right. There was nothing wrong with it. Um, something happened and I don't know what that was. I don't know exactly what the event was, but, um, something happened between then and when I came back out here in 2003, I guess it was, and I hadn't been here since in that and all that time. I had not been here. So when we, we parked in that parking lot over there and we started walking up through here. When I hit the bridge, I was just like overcome with this dread. It was awful. And as I was walking up this way, now, granted, this has been, you know, 17 years ago, but I wrote there's parts and pieces of it that are still very, very vivid because it was so intense.
And as I was coming across the bridge, I really didn't feel like I felt like it was this ominous type of dread. But when I got to these steps, I felt like a struggle started taking place. I felt like there was pulling and tugging and, you know, uh, just a physical type of dragging struggle thing. And when we got up to here, um, it was more intense. And then there was this chaos going down the stairs. And I just really, I, I don't, I don't know for certain, but I always just felt like that when they got him to the bottom, that there was all this struggle to there. But when they got him to the bottom, that was when he was,
KEVIN ROBERTSON They, I mean, they, he wrote it in the trunk of their car all the way up here. So, I mean, he was tired, you know what I mean? I don't think his label
Was tied or anything, but I think his hands in his mouth and I guess I'll tell you what, I mean, he played football. He wrestled. So Scott, Ms. Scott. Yeah. He, I mean, he was built like means nothing. I know Scott, if he knows something badly is probably going to happen to him. He's going to, and he's going to fight you off of me. I don't care. We got to get a knife or a gun or whatever. And he probably give him hell coming up this Hill and down and down.
SHEA WILLIS And was that at the bridge? It was this oppressive ominous dread, but it was almost like it had been accepted almost like this is what's going to happen. And there's, um, I don't know if he was in shock or if there was he, but when they hit those steps. So I think that's when the reality set in and it just,
KEVIN ROBERTSON Yeah, he knew that he was going to die.
SHEA WILLIS It just felt like it was nothing,
KEVIN ROBERTSON but yeah, he knew that he was going to be floating in the water all the way up and down. Cause he's been here before, before he was killed here. Yeah. We used to come here as kids and fishing, all kinds of stuff.
SHEA WILLIS And that was one of my questions was do you know, um, the people that did this to him, do you know if they had some sort of connection to this place?
KEVIN ROBERTSON No, Scott did. I never mean it's how used to come here as kids at, with our dad and then without my dad and stuff like that. Cause I mean, this is where we learned to fish. I honestly trout fishing. I mean,
SHEA WILLIS So is there, is there any idea as to why they picked here that you know of?
KEVIN ROBERTSON Well there, the boys did it, they are, they were local gang members. I mean the Stanton it's city and Waynesboro, that's all city that down here is nothing, but as you can tell it's country as it can be. And they probably, they thought they probably thought of the easiest place and where nobody probably would go or find them. And this is why they chose this spot, but they did one thing they forgot. They didn't know that it was a local fishing for. Right. Yeah.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I checked with Seth on this, by the way. They chose Braley Pond because it was dark and secluded. No other reason.
SHEA WILLIS Well, and there's a reason why I'm asking when we sit down and talk, I'll, I'll explain that to you. But, um, as, as far as I know, that's, that's my level of detail on this, both factual and what I feel. Um, and I always felt like the, I don't know how they found him and I always felt like he went in the water backwards. I don't know if he was found face up for face down. And I always that, for some reason that tidbit always, yeah,
It's really important. I don't know why, but I felt like the fishermen found him
Fishermen fountain. Yeah.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Remember that large, green orb Shea and Chris Pugh saw hovering in the trees? Shea points out to Kevin and I where they saw it.

SHEA WILLIS Um, the orb, the big green glowing orb, see the tree that's leaning. Yeah. Now granted, that tree has been growing for, you know, 15 years or whatever, but that's the one that, that was in the top of,
CHARLIE MOSS So was it like, uh, uh,
SHEA WILLIS It was a lot lower, you know, but I mean like, um, about the spot where you can see the tree to the left of it, where you can see the trunk really clearly that's about how high it was. Different tape. The top of the tree was about there at that point,

And we came back. I mean, and well, we came back that night and then after that we came back again, like in November because it was so there was so much residue, there was, it was. So I just, I was like, we have to figure out what this is and I have to get rid of it. I can't do this. And so we, we came back a couple of times

We went around that way. And there's a place over there where you can physically feel it when you walk through it or you could, at that time, I don't know if the energy's changed or not, but it was like a really close over there, like in the woods, in the woods. Do you know where,
KEVIN ROBERTSON Um, halfway point maybe like, right.
SHEA WILLIS That's about where this is. It's a, it's a, it's a tree, um, that is forked, but it's forked at the ground level. So w you literally can walk through it. And it's, it's the area surrounding that, that we literally just
KEVIN ROBERTSON Tape from the Sheriff's office. They had tape from all the way down and the investigators coming out by the trees and he was carrying bags. So where they torched his clothes, but I guess they went out and they found a weapon, like right over here in this shallow port. And they found him

About three quarters, maybe three quarters, half, right. This man was over there in the water, in the water where they said the struggle probably happened probably here, but they found him two days later, right around where the water, if you go over maybe about 50 feet right here. Cause he fishermen was right here fishing and saw somebody floating.
SHEA WILLIS So that, that, that clay patch, that dirt patch right there on the bank about how was it past that? Or right
KEVIN ROBERTSON Before, like right here at that other smaller
SHEA WILLIS Out in the water in water. Do you know whereabouts like lining up this way where it was, do you know if it was like over towards this side or in the middle or?
KEVIN ROBERTSON Oh, I think more like,

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR As this is happening, this sort of detective work between Shea and Kevin, part of me thinks how easy it would be for Shea and Kevin to get caught up in the moment, you know? But it seems a lot more than coincidence that Shea cites this specific area as where she felt this weird, heavy energy, which just happens to be the spot where Kolani Noa and Seth Tinsley burned Christopher’s clothes after murdering him.
SHEA WILLIS here's a reason why I'm asking this because you're going to. I had no idea.
KEVIN ROBERTSON See, see, that's part of my right. Straight, dead across me. Yep, yep. Right there. Right there. Yeah. Yeah. All right. How about 50 feet over,
More up this way? The is floating your
That's that's where that,
SHEA WILLIS So if you had to estimate how many feet out that way that was how far
KEVIN ROBERTSON They said the struggle happened somewhere here or over there. Right.
And he was floating. They said that he was floating over. Oh, I think they said that he floating anywhere over 28 hours.
SHEA WILLIS Okay. So if you had to guess how many feet in that direction it was from the, from right here on the bank. How, how many feet it was? Is it 200 feet? 300 feet.
KEVIN ROBERTSON Not even a hundred. Okay.
KEVIN ROBERTSON Y'all experience anything on this side.
SHEA WILLIS We've never experienced anything on this side, but I do have an interesting piece of information on when I dials this property. So, um, the question I have for you is did Logan and brand actually come out here? Do you know for sure they came out here? I don't know for sure.
CHARLIE MOSS I, I D I, you know, he said, they'd come out.
SHEA WILLIS Right. Did, did, did, did they, did they ever say where they were when they came out here to set up their work area?
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR At the time, I should note, I didn’t ask Logan specifically where the portal was. I only had a vague idea, which was terrible planning on my part. And I would have asked Logan and Brynne to join us but Shea was uncomfortable with that idea, for reasons she’ll explain later in this episode.

CHARLIE MOSS Uh, but he said there was, there was a portal...It was like he said, uh, you know, you couldn't see it, except he saw, uh, branches that were clean that were cleanly cut. That looked like that had been dragged. He wasn't here. So the portal, yeah. I guess
SHEA WILLIS I'm trying to figure out if you have any information that says he was at that end of the pond.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I didn’t, unfortunately.
SHEA WILLIS All right, that's fine. It's not that important. I just, it's another piece of information that popped up. And I was like, what? And so, and I wrote everything is that I've got a six foot long, two foot wide piece of paper that all this is mapped out on that I brought with me to show you where all this stuff is. So, um, and there was indicators of their presence at that end of the pond in this specific spot. And I was like, did they? Okay?
CHARLIE MOSS Uh, yeah. I mean,
KEVIN ROBERTSON I remember they had divers. They had, they had almost four divers out here. Oh, just looking for the weapon and stuff like that. And was it in the water? Did they find it a weapon? The weapon was over here in the shallow part. That's why they know it probably happened here or over there. And it just, he drifted. Yeah. Yeah.
SHEA WILLIS Well, and that's not surprising. I mean, you can feel the air moves here constantly. We're really never stopped.
CHARLIE MOSS There's a nice pine smell. That's nice. Yeah. Nice breeze.
Um, we think we should do, should we go over there? Should we walk over there or wait?
SHEA WILLIS I certainly can. Um, like I said, it's been 17 years almost. Yeah. 16, 17 years. Since I've been here, I can't tell you exactly how far it is to get to the spot I'm describing, but we can walk that way and see if we can, if we can find it.
CHARLIE MOSS How are you Shay feeling now? Like now that we're here, like.
SHEA WILLIS I'm good. Now
It was, I was, um, it was really funny because when I turned in off the road onto the furniture road, um, I just, I had the, I had chills. I couldn't control. And it wasn't a nervous thing cause I'm not nervous at all. It was just, it was a physical thing. And I'm like, well, hello, old friend, how are you doing?
SHEA WILLIS And when I was a kid, this area right through here, down over the bank was my favorite spot because, um, my dad, um, my mom and dad would bring me here fishing. They and my dad would fish. And all I did was play in the water right there and catch what, what, at the time I called spring keepers, which are five squatted news. And I mean, there was nothing wrong with this place. I was talking to my mom about it the other day. And she said the same thing. She said, something happened out there that changed the energy of the place. And I said, yes, it did because there was nothing wrong with it. In the seventies.

KEVIN ROBERTSON Okay. Where did you, all, you mentioned in your off and thing, you heard a full grown man, a splashing. You felt like there in the water.
SHEA WILLIS That was right at the bottom. The slashing was right there in front of the concrete pad.
KEVIN ROBERTSON Okay. That's where you heard that. Okay.
SHEA WILLIS Whatever was splashing was big. Yeah. And I mean, I'm familiar with the beavers that are in here. I know what they sound like. It wasn't bad. It wasn't slapping and whatever it was was bigger than a Beaver. I think they're still here used to be quite a few of them out here. Yep. It's definitely not there anymore. We'll take care of it.
CHARLIE MOSS Oh yeah, because we're, we're at the other side now.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Shea points out the spot where the cyclist I mentioned in episode one was killed during a race that took place here.
SHEA WILLIS This is why I wear rubber shoes. Cause I'm always doing stuff like this. I got tired of that. We walked down this way though, because there's a couple of get around this spot right here. Okay. Baldrige trail. Yes. You might want to take a picture of that for future reference. Okay. Bald Ridge trail is part of, what's called the Shannon door 100, which is a, an endurance race for off-road cyclists. Um, it's part of the lift, one of the largest races in the nation. And it's a, it's a leg of that. And there was a guy on November 11th, 2012. This, this path is part of it. You come through Ramsey's draft and you come down

This path and then you go one of the other ways around the pond and this guy was coming down through here. I don't know exactly where somewhere right up that trail. And he's a professional cyclist. You see what the trail looks like? And it does get a little rockier, but it's not bad when you walk up that way. So something that caused him to veer and hit a tree, it killed him right up there, right about that. Okay. And that's where that was, is right
Up that road It seemed like that he swerved very sharply when they investigated the crash, his helmet was off, his glasses were off and broken and he was down the embankment, the, the, the distance between the crash site and how far down the embankment differs Sheriff's department says it's 500 feet. Somebody

SHEA WILLIS Um, somebody from the organization that runs these
KEVIN ROBERTSON Scott Scott with glasses and they found his glasses shattered, broken in pieces really? Right over here. Yeah.

SHEA WILLIS Wow. Well, somebody who is somebody from the organization that he belonged to that organize these races said that it wasn't 500 feet. It was closer to 60 feet. Now that's a really big distance. So I don't know. That's, you know, that's way far apart, you would think the Sheriff's department would be able to guess at a distance accurately because they need that information for reporting. Right. So I'm inclined to maybe lean towards what they said. So the question that begs the question of, if you're, and I know he was, there was a, an embankment, I don't know how high it was. Cause I don't know the exact spot. I've been up this trail at a fairly long distance. And there's nothing that bad about it. There really isn't it, you don't get into any areas where there huge boulders, you know, stuff that's going to cause you to wreck.

And, um, at least that I never ever saw. And, um, he saw something or something happened that caused him to swerve sharply enough that he ran head on into a tree that was right beside the trail. We don't know, or they don't know how his helmet, they assume the helmet came off in the crash. So that doesn't make any sense because if you're an endurance rider, you make sure the helmet stays on during the crash. So how did the helmet get off? The glasses could have gotten broken, went down on impact shore, but 500 feet away from the crash in this type of terror, a terrain. It, I don't know. It makes you, this was during the day. This was, uh, I think they found him about two o'clock in the afternoon if I recall correctly.
So, and then there's another guy that in September, 2015, um, there's a, there's a, if you get back out on hanky mountain and you keep going up the road a little ways, it's about 10 miles up the road. If you drive as the crew flies is not far at all, it's like straight through there. Um, the North Carolina breast works something or other. The it's like one of those informational sites for his, for historical stuff is right up there. And this guy was a local hike. These mountains, all of his life, he parked his car at the breast, works monument information center thing with a friend, um, a woman. And they took off through the woods. And um, I've never been able to figure out how they got separated. She was with him. Uh, but somehow or another, they got separated and he was reported as missing. This guy was in tip-top shape, expert hiker knew these mountains well. And, um, he disappeared and days later they did find his pack, but no sign of him. And, um, there was some inclement weather, it was just rain, you know?
And they're like, well, you know, maybe he got lost in rain and she's like, you don't understand this guy is a professional woodsmen. He, he's not going to get lost. He's not going, gonna leave the trail in the rain. You know, just because it's raining and they never found him. There was a, they kept the investigation open for until 2017, 2018. And they put out a $50,000 reward for any information. Not a peep, never found it, no trace of him whatsoever, except for his backpack. So, and those are only two examples. There's a lot of this stuff that goes on in these woods up here, you know? And then when you take that and you look at it through the lens of missing four, one, one nationwide, w at all the big parks and the, the large wooded areas and the remote places you begin to go. Hm.
CHARLIE MOSS Yeah. Like, how do you mean as far as comparing it, comparing this,
SHEA WILLIS The like take the missing hiker. For example, the circumstances are basically identical to lots and lots and lots of other, I mean, we're talking thousands and thousands and thousands of people that literally you're walking and you talking to them and you look back and they're gone. I mean, it's not like, it's not like they Trek off through brush like that. And you don't, they're on trails. They've got people with them, et cetera, et cetera. And they're just disappearing and nationally, nationally. Yeah. That's what I'm saying is the same thing goes on in these types of forest areas here.
Now right up that road is also where Chris Pugh cast the big foot truck.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Shea talks about the possibilities of there being a Bigfoot out here, wandering in the woods. Again, it’s not that I don’t believe her. But I’ve just never seen one, so while it’s fun to imagine that they might exist, it’s just not something I take a lot of stock in.
CHARLIE MOSS Okay. Yeah. Interesting. You heard about that? No.
KEVIN ROBERTSON Yeah, absolutely.
SHEA WILLIS But um, Chris used to live, um, if we're whatever it's called now, carpenter store used to being or whatever it is now. Okay. Right there. The road that you turn, you can turn left and right off of that went back there. There's a little house that actually sits right up against the road. It's an older home, looks like a little modified ranch house looking thing. That's where he lived. Hello. And um, so he was out here a lot and um, they used to hike back up this road and there was a lot of weird stuff that was going on. This would have been like right around 2000 ish, 2001, 2002, somewhere right around in there. It was before, um, the murder here. I know that. And they were hiking up there and saw tracks and came back. I don't know if they went back the same day or if it was a day later or whatever, but they came back and got casting medium and went back up there. Um, there were more tracks if I recall correctly, in addition to the ones they found. So they cast the freshest tracks and they're, I mean, I've, I've held it in my hands. You know, there it's this big and there's more than one of them. And um, so you got wonder, I mean, this is George Washington national forest, and it goes on for miles
And miles and miles. You get in there and
Get lost. You will not get out. I mean, it just, it just goes forever. And so the thought is that this is one of the spots in Virginia that it's prime real estate for something big that wants to stay hidden.
So the other thing I wanted, the reason I said it would give a lock over here is because right there, right there in front of that little tree is where I'm getting that Logan and brands set and did whatever it was they were going to do.
And I mean, I was really surprised to find something pop up about them because I really had put them out of my mind and just felt like that they were not important to any of this. What I got was that I'll show you on the map thing. But what I got was that, that they actually affected, um, there's a vortex right there. There's two lines of energy that across right there, he's mentioned vortex and they actually affected that. Not in a good way. Um, so that I'll show you on the map that I drew, but it's right there.
CHARLIE MOSS So explain to me vortex. Cause he, he told me, he said a good way to figure it because he said a good way to figure out what a vortex is, is if you take a picture and then when you, when you take a picture, you can kind of see like some, some ordinary, sorry, not a picture, a video. And you can kind of see some, well, he said like, um, like translucent, like wavy, but you can see movement. Yeah.
SHEA WILLIS Depending on the strength of them, of more isn't anything but spiraling energy. And so if you think of, um, and it's, it's, it's extremely simple. I don't have a whole lot problem with Logan except for the, his tendency to make everything dramatic. That's my biggest problem with him. Um, and it's not dramatic. It's a part of our natural existence. It's here, it's everywhere. And so if you think of where, think of where two rivers converge, you've got the confluence of say the rockfish river and the James river, where they come together. When those two bodies of water intersect, what happens at that location? This one's traveling this way, this one's traveling this way. They begin to do this. To some extent, some places, it becomes very, very evident. You actually get like a Whirlpool effect to other places. It's not as evident unless you get in the water and you can feel the spiraling pool.
SHEA WILLIS It's the same thing with energy. When you got two pieces that intersect where that intersection comes together, they just mix, they spiral. And then they shoot out again on their respective sides of that line. And that's all they are. Um, some, some of these vortexes are stronger than others. Some of them are very, very weak. Some of them, unless you actually dowsed for the lines, you'd never know they were there. Other ones, when you walk through them, it makes your hair stand on the end. Um, and there's a couple here that will make your hair stand on it. There, there really are. Um, but that's where they were sitting. If my information is correct is, is right in that area where that, that bare spot is right in front of that little tree.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Kevin asks Shea about whether she feels Christopher’s spirit still lingers at Braley Pond.
KEVIN ROBERTSON Yeah. Um, do you think, I mean, just out of curiosity, do you think that, you know, Danny, he is still here that he is all maybe lost or confused or
You think maybe he was acting, found peace.
SHEA WILLIS I think he has. I don't feel him anymore. I don't feel him here. Um, but it's sometimes when they go away, there's an emptiness that doesn't feel right. It's like a, I don't know, like a,
lot of chanterelles out today. You all are. Mushu people. How are they out there? Hi, beautiful day. All right. You guys ready? Let's go. Come on, Daisy. You'll have a nice day. Woo. That's funny. Um,
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR (conversation fades to background as narration starts) I can tell Kevin feels a lot of guilt for what happened to his best friend. Like he was somehow responsible for Chris getting murdered.
CHARLIE MOSS But you were saying that you weren't sure why he was there because it was a smile. How many grades would you say were.
KEVIN ROBERTSON maybe, maybe 30. Maybe he was a small little behind a church. I think it was a Baptist shirt. Yeah. And I think his dad maybe, but there was no other member of his family. His mom is buried somewhere else. The cave
SHEA WILLIS or visit his grave often. Not as much as I should, but it's not really any should, but.
KEVIN ROBERTSON no, I should. I should. Because actually I I'm supposed to be that friend that, you know, he could always come to talk to.
SHEA WILLIS if you want to talk with him, you can do that. Right. I mean, and he will hear you. He will absolutely hear you. just because I'm saying he's not here anymore. Doesn't mean he's not able to be here. It means he's not stuck here. He's not stuck anymore. Which is a very good thing.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR We start making our way back to the entrance of Braley Pond, where the picnic tables are. The trail we’re walking on is a big loop around the pond. I’m trying to picture where Christopher’s body was found by the fisherman the morning after his murder.

CHARLIE MOSS Here, this is where they found his body.
KEVIN ROBERTSON No, this is where they pulled him out and pulled them out. And this is where he was, he was riding around that area.
Yeah. I know it was this, it was that one right there. Two little slots right here. I think it was this one. Yeah. Th is one here that will never be for Rocky. Listen. Yeah.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR We arrive back at the picnic tables and Shea shows me a few things she’s brought like dowsing rods and an energy map she’s made.
SHEA WILLIS So, um, I've got, I've got my map with me to show you.
If you want to see that I've got thousand rides, I've got toys that I use with people that you know, um, we can do a couple of exercises with energy I can do whenever you want.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR While Shea is setting up, Kevin asks her a question.
KEVIN ROBERTSON I have a question from the recording of that night at the end. Yeah. What is that? I don't know what it is. Wait, what's recording. No recording. It's one on that night.
SHEA WILLIS There it's the recording of when Chris and I were running across.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Kevin’s referring to the audio clip of the screech Shea and Chris heard at Braley Pond in episode 1.
SHEA WILLIS The screeching thing. I don't know why that was. I don't have any clue. It was not either one of us. Right. Um, I don't
KEVIN ROBERTSON No. What I'm saying is Scott, Scott used to make noises all the time. No, like just like one minute he's having like a, like a Chuck or L or a bird or he whistled or sometimes he'd be like, yeah. And just he'd make the weirdest noises in all these years. When I heard that, I meant to say something a long time ago. So when I heard that, I was like, wow. Mom's like, you know,
SHEA WILLIS It never, ever, ever occurred to me that that could have been him. And for what purpose was it? Uh, could it have been a don't go or
KEVIN ROBERTSON Scary? Maybe you'd like to frighten people. He did. He loved it. Good job. What I'm saying is Scott used to make the weirdest noises. Just, you know what I'm saying? Just, he sounded like a baby seal. I mean just, yeah. He'd get bored or something. I don't know. Very difficult to read him,
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Since I met Shea a few years ago, I’ve always been curious about how she reads other people’s energy. What is that process like? And what’s the point of it? So I ask her to show me how it works.
CHARLIE MOSS Um, I got gotta, I got to ask, is there any way you could do an energy rating on me or like I've never done anything like that before, and I'm really curious.
SHEA WILLIS Um, what is it, what would be your goal with that? Would it be for me to show you how to turn on your own energy so you can feel it, or would it be for me to look for something in particular for you or to balance something? Or
CHARLIE MOSS I don't even know where I'd start with that. Um, I don't know,
I don't even know where I'd start with that. Um, I don't know,
SHEA WILLIS Or evidence of it. Is that more what you're looking at more than anything? Yeah.
Yeah. I won't touch you. Okay. But,
But your, um, can you, is it possible for you to set that down?
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR She’s asking me to set my microphone down.
SHEA WILLIS s best you're able, just we'll take 10 seconds and you just try to relax. I want you to pay attention to anything that you would not normally feel, whether that be density like the air has gotten heavier or tingling or pressure, or even like a rising energy somewhere in one of your, like your arm or your leg or your spine. So just breathe deep and easy.
SHEA WILLIS You tell me when you feel something.
CHARLIE MOSS It was hard. I'm not like to overanalyze things. Um, and I'm not the best to relaxing.
I feel, I don't know how to describe it. Um, um, where is it?
You're like, um, kinda city or kind of like a, we're kind of like, um, like, Oh, like an opening up a little bit. Does that make,
You're like, um, kinda city or kind of like a, we're kind of like, um, like, Oh, like an opening up a little bit. Does that make,
SHEA WILLIS Um, so you can't feel me touching you at all though, right? Okay. Is it changing at all? I feel like it's getting wider. Is it in the center of your head or towards your forehead? Okay. Kevin can see what I'm doing and I'm pushing, I'm pushing the energy from your spine up over the top of your head down towards your forehead. But of course I'm not physically touching you at all. So that is a very, very quick example of how with no preparation at all, none of the, um, gotta sit and meditate for 10 days. You know, that kind of thing. I don't know. You know, when I pulled in, I was like, I wonder more for y'all to ask those. I thought the same thing. It's so funny when I pulled in and I looked over at that tent and I was like, and they've got a little, little kid with them. And I was like, Oh, wonder, so that's a real quick one. And if you put your hand up, are you right-handed or left-handed you're left-handed and just turn it like this, and it's the same kind of thing. Just pay attention to what you feel and tell me when you feel heat density,
CHARLIE MOSS A little bit of heat on the top.
SHEA WILLIS Obviously I'm not close enough to make your hand hot physically. Now, you know what it's like when you put two magnets together and they're not supposed to the polarizations aren't right. So they press, they keep, they push against each other. To me, that's kind of what this process feels like. It's like, there's a, there's a wanting for my hands to come together, but it's also a pushing away. And so it's real dense, Tinguely, powerful type of feeling.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Remember when Shea’s mom Jennifer mentioned practicing tai chi and chi-gong back in episode 3? As Shea is reading my energy, it reminds me of this little acupuncture facility I used to go back home in Chattanooga. I originally went because a friend recommended I go to help manage my stress because I often suffered from agonizing abdominal pains. It helped so much that I then began taking tai chi there, too. I remember my instructor referring to Dantian, which is the energy center of your body, and how important it was to successfully learning tai chi. There are three essential elements in tai chi and other Toist practices : body, energy and spirit. The physical body is seen as the vessel through which your energy and spirit flow. Tai chi is used to increase your life-force energy, or chi. And spirit refers to your mind, using meditation to control the movement of energy in your body, so that you can obtain emotional balance and inner peace. It’s even been said that tai chi can help open up the potential for self-healing and psychic capabilities.

CHARLIE MOSS I don't know that I mentioned this to you, but your mom talked a lot about Tai Chi and acupuncture, because I did that for, I did a little bit of Tai Chi, but I would argue about her for a few years on and off because yeah, because I didn't know how to relax. I had a lot of that carried a lot of energy up here on my shoulders. And so some of the things that I learned in Tai Chi, cause she, when she started telling me all that, it was like, Oh. That's why didn't I think about it? Like, it's, it's the dantien it's the, your, your, um, uh, your cheek. Yeah. I was like, that's the same concept. Um, but so like, what does that, what does that say about me? Or what is it?
SHEA WILLIS Oh, that's showing you, is
That it's there? Um, all I, all I was doing was effecting your own energy body. So all I was doing was like plucking the string of your energy body, just to show you that it's there. Um, once you learn that it's there, then the world opens up to all the things you can actually do with it.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Okay, so that was pretty cool. It reminds me of something that happened to me when I was a kid. I must have been in middle school, or as we used to call it back then, junior high. I was at my friends, the twins I mentioned in episode 2, Michael and Jason Shuman. I remember we were wrestling around, as boys sometimes do. Michael comes running at me, and out of purse instinct, or maybe it was fear, I collapsed onto the ground, rolled onto my back, grabbed his arms, and using my feet, threw him over me. Michael was airborne for at least a few feet, and safely landed on the couch. After we all got over our surprise, he asked me, “how did you do that?” I couldn’t tell him. But I can tell you I felt like I was Batman or something. It was exhilarating. Have I ever been able to do it again? Nope. But when I took tai chi, I learned about how to use other people’s energy against them in scenarios just like the one I told you. So, is this what Shea’s energy reading is all about? Not for self-defense necessarily about how to harness that energy, or chi, in our bodies and the world around us?
I mean, people have a tendency to compartmentalize all these different things that, that I do. They think the dowsing is in one box and they think the remote viewing is in another box. And they think that my healing work is in another box and it's not, it all stems from this energy body that I carry around that I walk around in. And all I do is just slightly tweak it to utilize it for different things. But it's all the same source. The it's all, all of, all of these things come from that same source. And it's because it's connected just like yours is to everybody else and everything else. And so there is this collective consciousness, whether you believe or not, there's this collective consciousness out there.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Before we get to Shea’s map reading of Braley Pond, there’s one more thing she wants to show us.
SHEA WILLIS I'll show you how to do one more thing real quick. So you have a actual personal life. Okay.
I carry these things around.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Shea pulls out from her bag a couple of thin, copper L-shaped dowsing rods, about a 11 inches long. They are both curved at the end to create short handles to allow them to move freely in your hands.She hands them to Kevin and me.
SHEA WILLIS Have you ever held a set of nails in grass before? Nope. Okay.
It might. Okay. So the objective is a Holden very, very loosely. And obviously, like you said, your thumbs aren't up here. Would you hold them really, really loosely and you hold them pointing just ever so slightly downward. Can, can I hold it like that or get however you want? Okay. Okay.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Remember Joey Korn from episode 3? He’s the owner of and taught Shea and her mom Jennifer all about the art of dowsing for energy. I did some more research on this technique and found some pretty interesting information. Dowsing is thought to have originated from Germany in the 16th century, though it’s also been cited in Chinese folklore dating back to the 5th century. In 1662, it was declared to be superstitious and satanic by a Jesuit named Gaspar Schott, who thought the devil controlled the movements of the rod. In the 17th century, dowsing was used in the South of France to track criminals.

SHEA WILLIS Okay. So the objective is a Holden very, very loosely. And obviously, like you said, your thumbs aren't up here. Would you hold them really, really loosely and you hold them pointing just ever so slightly downward. Can, can I hold it like that or get however you want? Okay. Okay. All living things have energy. In fact, everything is energy. Trees are one of the easiest things though that you can now. And they have a spiraling energy pattern that comes out from the center and it goes out and overlaps with everything else around it. So if we pick that tree right there, a big pine tree right there, and we say, please show me the lines of energy emanating from that pine tree. And then you real slowly walk forward. Watch what happens. I'm not even going to go. I'm going to let you guys go. Your rods are going to open outwards when you cross a line and it might take you one or two times.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Remember, dowsing rods supposedly work based off the energy emitted from the object you’re trying to find. The mystique behind dowsing rods is that once you’re close enough to the oil, water, or in this case, a specific tree you’re trying to find, the rods will move on their own, supposedly with no assistance from whoever is holding it. Of course, as I’m holding the one Shea has given me, I’m completely skeptical. That’s because of the ideometer response, which is a psychological phenomenon where you make unconscious motions with your body. So in this case, I’m expecting my hands to make the tiniest of movements, quite possibly without me knowing it, to give the appearance of the dowsing rod pointing in the right direction on its own. I will say I did some googling and found a few YouTube videos and articles where it appeared that dowsing has been somewhat successful in finding gold,though it could be chalked up to complete coincidence.
Kevin and I start walking, our arms straight out in front of us, holding the small rods loosely in our hands, with our elbows tucked into our ribs.
And then something happens.
CHARLIE MOSS So, so when we both got here, both of our rods went out. That's fine.
SHEA WILLIS Because what you're doing is there is a, there's a line of energy. And so what your rods are doing is they're going, Oh, we're going to align parallel with that energy pattern. And so if you stepped back, they're going to close. And when, and when you step forward, when you get over top of it, they're going to open it. And everything has an energy pattern. Trees are spiral. Um, people sent you at the news. People that people, jobs, horses, they all have a much more complicated pattern. Um, and the wind is not going to help them. There's not going to be your friends, but
Let's do an announcement to both. And you can do that straight.
So it's there. That's the point is that is a very simple way to say this.
CHARLIE MOSS What, what? So my skeptical mind, my skeptical mind rolling. When, when I first started walking, I was like, these things are really loose. Of course, they're going to go. I was like, of course, they're going to go in all sorts of different directions. Like, that's exactly what I thought. Yeah. I was like, this is this kind of. Like this is not going to, but then they went straight in opposite in the opposite direction and stayed
SHEA WILLIS Exactly right. And if you do it and it doesn't take much, but if you do it a few, just a few times, you will get to the point that you can physically feel it when you step into that energy.
CHARLIE MOSS It's like the force. So I keep, that's what I keep going back to. It's like, I mean, you know,
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR God, I’m such a dork.
CHARLIE MOSS But it is, it is, of course it is. And to me, this is, this is one of the things that just is so comforting to a lot of people. You know, when we talking about people that have died and that sort of thing to me, this is the proof your physical body might go down, but what makes you, you know, way it's free. It can do anything at once. You can access that anytime you want it, you can talk to Scott. Anytime you want to, it might take you a little practice to be able to hear him talk him back, but he can hear you because we're all connected. It's all there.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Shea then spreads out a large map almost the size of the picnic table we’re sitting at. It’s hand drawn by Shea on tan butcher paper, and quite detailed with what looks like color-coded measurements, coordinates and landmarks here at the park, along with the location of where Christopher was murdered.
SHEA WILLIS So in a nutshell, what you're seeing is what it looks like when someone asked me to Dow's a piece of property
Okay. So basically what I do is I take these rolls of paper and I'll put them down on our six foot folding table that I have, and I define the limits of the area that I want to learn the patterns for. And I you're going to think this sounds really funny, but I literally take it and pull it so remotely I'm in Buckingham. I reach over here and I'm not doing, that's where I'm telling you the truth. I reach over here and I pick it up this section of it and I pull it over and at imprinted onto my piece of paper in my table. So what I have is a holographic representation of the energy that is actually in place here. I don't, I don't cut it out of here and paste it on here. I just pick up a copy of it, the holographic copy of it and lay it over this.
Um, and I'm, I make sure that it orients in the right direction. And the reason that before I do anything, I draw specific things on here. Like I drew the tree where the orb was. So I put those as anchors so that when the energy comes in and overlays, I know this is not to scale, but if, if there are crossings or things that anchor to specific landmarks, it aligns with those. So that way I know that it's at least somewhat where it's supposed to be. So then what I did, um, as a general rule, I will go through and I will just, I will Dows I walk around the table with a pair of housing months like this, and I asked to be shown, um, any lines of detrimental. Okay. See how it's lining up catty-corner with that line, right?
CHARLIE MOSS Yeah. Yeah. Can you do it again?
SHEA WILLIS All right. Great. Please show me any lines of detrimental energy on this portion of the Bradley pond property. And that's generally the way I would ask and then I would move forward and it will line up and then I'll say, thank you. And then I'll move them forward again. And they'll line up.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Shea has these metal dowsing rods with her and I’m watching her thumbs to see if she’s moving them on the sly.

CHARLIE MOSS It's so funny because I'm watching your thumbs on what I know. I know, but that's what I was. I was like, there's gotta be,
SHEA WILLIS What else is cool? Is that okay? Green air beneficial lines of energy. So I'm asking for detrimental, right? And so I'm going to walk around this side of it and I'm going to say, please show me any detrimental lines of energy. So I'm going to go around the corner and these things go off the page. So I'm picking up that diagonal one right there, this one. Okay, thanks. So I'm picking that one up. Thank you. Now, when I go this way, see that green line. I just walked past. Yes. Okay. The reason it didn't show up is because it's a beneficial, not a detrimental line. So if I walk a little further, I'm going to pick up another red line. So if I say, please show me lines of beneficial energy on this portion of the gray pond property. And when I get here, it's going to open up.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR What Shea is demonstrating is how she used her dowsing rods to measure the type of energy that’s here at Braley Pond. The map she created illustrates what she found here in past dowsing investigations after her incident here in 2003. While it would be easy to say that she’s mapped out good, or beneficial energy, and bad, or detrimental energy, she explains that it’s not quite that black and white.
SHEA WILLIS The problem with the
Problem with those terms is we've talked about this is that good and bad are in the eye of the beholder. Yeah. Something that I think is bad,
Somebody else would think was acceptable. So it's really hard to, um, to use those terms with a large group of people, because their viewpoints on what is good, bad, acceptable, and unacceptable differ. And you're going to offend somebody without meaning to, and you're going to cause arguments because somebody is gonna go, yeah, that's fine. And somebody else is gonna go like, hell it is. So we use detrimental and beneficial because what that says is to my energy signature, to your energy, did the human energy pattern, which of these lines of energy are beneficial to our energy patterns. They uplift us there. At least at the very least they don't cause us any angst and which of these lines of energy are actually going to cause us to go, Ooh. So it's how it is. The reason they're beneficial or detrimental is simply in relation to how they affect us as people.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR After explaining the basics of how dowsing works and showing us how to read the map, she points out what her findings mean in relation to everything that’s happened here, from Christopher’s murder in 2003 to when she got attacked six months later that same year.

SHEA WILLIS So what's really interesting about this property and this is going to get real weird. Um, I've never seen anything like this before. I have never, dowsed a piece of property that is like this one.
remember I said that at some point in the past, between the late seventies and 2003, something happened here.
See that blue dot right there. Okay.
I don't know exactly what that is. There is something and that, that dot and the other dot that is almost held in stasis on this property. Um, and the reason I got so like weirded out when you were talking about where Chris, his body was found is because if you look at this, that space-wise, that's about the same distance
I don't know exactly what that is. There is something and that, that dot and the other dot that is almost held in stasis on this property.
at these two intersections of space, there's something that sits right on this very powerful, positive, beneficial line of energy

KEVIN ROBERTSON This is where they burned the clothes, right there,
Right around here. This is where they think that the, he was thrown in from this right here, this side, and he drifted he over here and they took his clothes over here and burned them.
SHEA WILLIS I had no idea about the burning clothes. I really didn't. So the I'm trying to con I'm trying to condense this so that, um, I can tell you everything. I want to tell you. And we have time to do other things too. This piece of property is neutral right now. It's and it's not a normal, it's not a natural neutrality. Um, a natural neutrality is balanced neutrality. It's where everything exists in balanced everything else. And it's full of life. It's full of good energy in life. And it's, it pretty much is like, um, it's like the universal donor for blood. It's good for everybody. That's what neutrality is in a balanced world. This is not that kind of neutrality. This is dead zone neutrality. I don't know how else to explain it. That's what it feels like.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Shea goes into a lot of detail here about how she calculated where this deadzone, or unnatural, neutral energy, lingers on the map. It’s around the area where Christopher’s body was dumped and drifted, and then where his clothes were burned.

SHEA WILLIS Um, so I'm like, okay, why is this, why is this a dead zone? And I start finding these borders. And then I started understanding that the way these lines are coming together, where you have war taxes, any of these war taxes that you see that are red and green, they've been neutralized. So whereas like this, and that would normally be a swirling, massive energy. It's not because you've got a positive and a negative coming together, which they cancel each other out. So there's this huge amount of neutrality here. And then when you count the lines and look at the geometric configuration of the lines, as they relate to each other, the strength of the line cancel each other out. It's really odd. This line right here. If you look, there's a number two in the box at the bottom of the box, see it. Okay.
It's sister line it's mirror image. Look at the number of the box, the bottom of the box. It's a two, these two lines of energy are equal in straight. This line of energy, which runs right through the spot where Chris was murdered. Scott was murdered is the strongest, detrimental line of energy on the property. It's sister is directly opposite, and it's the strongest, beneficial line of energy where his body was found. And I had no idea about the body. So what does that mean?
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Shea deduces that the something that happened here at Braley Pond between when she used to visit as a little girl back in the 1970s up until she returned six months after Christopher’s murder in 2003, occurred in 1986.
SHEA WILLIS So from Wednesday, June 11th, 1986 through Sunday, June 15th, 1986, something happened here that changed the energy of this property.
Now, I think what happened after that was that whatever took place here was not good. Um, and I think that there was no, I think, I don't think it's, I don't think it's human.
The other thing that occurred in that time period was that something else happened that caused it to be neutralized. And that's the weirdest part of all this pattern of neutrality that locks this area down happened immediately upon the heels of whatever occurred that caused it, the whatever bad thing it was, it happened, something else came right behind it and locked it down because this pattern of neutrality now, uh, this is where it got real interesting,
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR So, what does this all mean? Shea’s conclusion is that in early June of 1986, something “non-terrestrial,” as she calls it, some sort of dark source of energy, encapsulated Braley Pond, something potentially dangerous. Then something else came behind it, possibly “non-terrestrial” beings,” and neutralized that dark energy, locking it in like some sort of Pandora’s Box. Shea has illustrated all of this on her energy map. She believes that what happened to her here at Braley Pond in 2003, and even possibly the murder of Christopher Kennedy, could have been evidence of this dark, non-terrestrial source trying to restore its energy pattern. I’m sorry for the cliche, but I liken it to the whole “Opening Pandora’s Box” metaphor. If this is true, Shea believes that whatever this other energy is, this dead-zone neutrality around Braley Pond, was manufactured by highly-intelligent bwings, to keep the dark energy source at bay.
What are these energy sources, this whole “dark and light energy that seem to be battling each other for dominance here at Braley Pond? And who are these “non-terrestrial” beings that placed them here? And why Braley Pond? Could it be true, that there is some sort of portal here, like Logan talked about?
I should note here that weeks after this trip to Braley, I reached out to Logan over Facebook about the exact location of the portal and his Dybbuk box. He gets a bit technical in his explanation but sends me a map and according to it, Logan says the portal is about five miles northeast of Braley, close to the North River basin. So apparently, Shea, Kevin and I weren’t anywhere near it. But, Logan did send me some audio of his experience at the portal, which I’ll play for you now.
So, here’s how Logan described the sounds we’re hearing in a message to me: The following sounds are various EVP captures. 'Knocks' ' Typical Ghostly MurMur' That LOUD SOUND is the rushing Creek some 50 yards away and is the power that creates a 'WHITE NOISE' that keeps the Portal Charged. You can HEAR Civil War Cannons, Rifles and soldiers from the August 20th 1864 Battle of Piedmont during the Civil War There are some EVP Voices and regiment movements and a lot of mixed Murmurs going on and the portal itself seems to be alive with a vortex energy spinning and wiping around.
Logan mentions something else in his message to me...the possibility of a second portal a couple miles northwest of Braley Pond. Here’s what he says:
“Click on the map and you will see that Braley Pond picnic area is bottom left corner and the portal is 5 miles, 23 degrees north from Braley. However, travelling to the south-south east somewhat is Elkhorn lake...a mirror image lake of what Braley Pond is. So if we create a secondary line, flip the azimuth...there will appear to be a second portal that we had no idea about...until now.”
So, what does this mean?
But there’s another piece to this puzzle. As Shea continues to point out these odd energy patterns she’s gridded out and labeled on her map, she explains that anyone who comes into Braley Pond with high levels of detrimental, or negative energy, endangers the delicate balance of the protective barrier surrounding the dark energy source. In other words, the more visitors who come to Braley Pond, especially if they bring with them bad vibes, could cause just the right amount of imbalance to weaken the protective barrier of energy, potentially unleashing something very dangerous. Pandora’s Box.

SHEA WILLIS So what worries me is that if I'm right, if I haven't even close to being right, there's a reason why this grid is in place and why it's neutral. And when people come in here and investigate or mess with it, the obvious question is what happens if somebody comes in here and actually appends it, unbalances it, what's the next tragedy that's going to occur when that, here's the other thing that, um, that I have never, ever, ever found before on 1000 properties, I haven't known us a long, long time.
We affect the lines, our own thoughts, feelings, whatever. If you're having a really good day, you will affect these lines in a positive way. You know, you, you may not change them from detrimental or beneficial, but you'll give them a boost. If you're nasty and having a really bad day or you're sad, or you're upset, you affect the lines in that way. You may cause a beneficial line to turn detrimental. It might be temporary, but you know, we affect the lines,
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Okay, so this sounds pretty simple. Whatever emotional baggage we bring with us, whatever intentions we have for coming to Braley Pond, whether it’s a bunch of paranormal investigators or a couple of kids who are coming here to commit a murder, affects the balance of energy here. But here’s where it gets just a bit more complicated.
SHEA WILLIS However, there are a number of these lines that directly influenced, how did I have a directly influenced crimes that took place on the property? The crimes did not influence the lines, which is what should have happened. The lines influenced the crimes. In other words, they had some bearing on the crime taking place, or they had some, some bearing on the severity of it. Maybe just as an example, using Scott as an example, if that, that red line right there is one of them that is coming up as it has the power to affect, rather than be affected. It affects let's say that didn't, let's say that that characteristic wasn't in place for it. And let's say that when that scenario took place with them, dragons got up the steps, but that line wasn't the way it was.
His murder may not have actually happened. Who knows, you know, it may have been that they got cold feet or something, but it's scary to think that these lines actually have the ability to influence. That's. I've never seen that in my life. I have never seen lines of energy would actually have the ability to influence. Now you have to be in a state where you're willing to or capable of, you know, you have to be in that mindset. It's not going to bother us. But if you came up here with that type of mindset that I'm talking about, it could, and that's really, really strange.
CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Shea sent me a detailed report of her findings she wrote after her initial visit in 2003 and subsequent ones she made over the next few years. In it, she expresses regret about the first visit she made with Chris Pugh and the group of troubled young adults during that October day in 2003. Here’s what she wrote:

“During my trip to Braley in the fall of 2003, I was accompanied by a fellow “group elder” and approximately 12 participants. The majority of the participants were young adults with varying degrees of moderate to serious problems in their lives, ranging from homelessness to criminal activities to drug abuse. Of the adults present, two in particular come to mind – a husband and wife. The husband was egocentric, demanding, ill-tempered, emotionally abusive to others, and carried a rather “dark” energy signature. The wife, while often a victim of his behavior, was not without her own issues, and often came across as manipulative, untrustworthy, and dramatic for the purposes of gaining attention.
Overall, the collective energy of this group was unstable, unhealthy, and detrimental in nature. The purpose of the trip was to encourage the participants to “open themselves up” to see if they could “sense anything” that was present at Braley. In hindsight, this was an irresponsible and unintelligent intention, and had I been aware of what was actually present at the Pond, I would like to think that I would have declined to participate as one of the group leaders (and discouraged the trip from taking place altogether), since exposing a group with baseline detrimental energy to an energy configuration such as what is present at Braley and asking them to “open up to it” is virtually begging for an unpleasant outcome.”
She compares the emotional energy group she and Chris brought to that of Seth Tinsley and Kolani Noa when they came to Braley Pond to murder Christopher Kennedy. She writes:
“When compared to the overall energy configuration of the group who participated in/committed the murder of Chris Kennedy in May of that year, the energy of our group would not have appeared as all that different. The murder itself aside, both groups were rooted in fear, criminal activities, instability, and egocentric behaviors.”
She concludes her report with a warning. “The fact that the configuration of the lines appears to be purposeful and intentional brings to mind a very real concern as to what might transpire if the pattern were to be altered by well meaning (or even ill-intentioned) visitors to the area.”
Shea’s talking here about the lines on the map she created that define where the protective energy surrounds the darker, more sinister energy, and how it was intentionally placed there by the non-terrestrials mentioned earlier in this episode to protect, what I can only assume is humans, from the darker, more sinister energy lurking at Braley.
Shea goes on to say:
“The stories surrounding Braley Pond have reached far and wide, and people and groups visit the area with intentions of investigating the property and attempting to “improve/enhance/balance” the energies present because they assume that the unusual (and often unpleasant) ambience of the place needs to be “fixed”. I opine that the opposite is true – I believe that the pattern needs to be left EXACTLY as it is. Not only should it not be altered in any way, but I would suggest that those of us who are energy workers and are able to recognize the significance of the energy configuration currently present should actually “keep tabs” on the pattern to make sure that it is not weakening and do what we can to enforce and maintain the pattern on a regular basis.”
So, this all probably sounds pretty crazy to you, right? I mean, it does to me. And Shea acknowledges that.

SHEA WILLIS Mean, I know if I were you, I would be going,
Okay. She finally flipped her.
I wouldn't blame you. I really wouldn't blame you. But it's it's I mean,
It's what I found it did. This is just what I found. And I don't Chris, Scott's not here. Scott is not here. I think Scott went on to wherever it is. Scott wanted to go. I think he finally was able to do that. Um, but there, there is something here and we play something still here. I think. So I'm still here and I think it's locked down. I think it's like n Stacy's.
Hmm, no, no, it's not Scott. No, no, this isn't whatever this is is not Scott. It doesn't. I think Scott May have partially been a victim of its presence just because of its influence, its negative influence.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR As we wrap up our trip to Braley Pond, I ask Kevin how he feels about our visit, if he feels like he’s been able to find some closure, or some sense of solace regarding the death of this best friend.

CHARLIE MOSS Kevin, do you feel like you got what you wanted from this trip?
SHEA WILLIS You didn't it's okay. Yeah. You know, I mean, it's, it's it because I was telling Charlie the other day that when you're dealing with this kind of stuff, people so often want harsh. They want hard and fast concrete answers to things and it doesn't work that way in the world of energy. It just doesn't. Right. Um, sometimes you get hard and fast concrete answers. The only thing I can tell you is it, I really have felt like for years, for a lot of years now, I have felt like that he had, he went wherever he was going to go. Yeah. He's not here. He's not here for that's for sure.
KEVIN ROBERTSON NASA. And that makes me happy. You know, even just knowing that he's the God of, you know, easy lady goon. Yeah.
SHEA WILLIS And did my fam did my family have anything to do with that? I don't know. I mean, he obviously was at my house. There's no question about that. He was, there was the men, you know, my family were all like this. So, you know, was the energy that was present there. Was that able to with, did that help him in any way maybe to make that position? Yeah. Maybe. I don't know. Or maybe he found something else, but either way he's not here anymore. Oh, he's not stuck here. Let's put it that way. He's not stuck here. He has a choice at this point. He has a choice. Yeah.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR We walk to our cars, give hugs and say our goodbyes.

KEVIN ROBERTSON Shea thanks so much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. You've been a big help. Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you.
SHEA WILLIS You're very welcome. And if there's anything I can do, I know I'm not supposed to hug you, but
Charlie, I have been waiting to meet you for a second.
CHARLIE MOSS It's been, it's been, yeah. Wait, it's been such a strange journey. I don't think the journey is over. I don't think the journey has ever gone through these away.
SHEA WILLIS Awesome. It was so good.
CHARLIE MOSS Yes. Very, very good to see you.

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR Kevin and I climb into my little Volkswagen Jetta. I’ve got to drop him off at his house and then I’ve got a long drive back home.

CHARLIE MOSS Let's get you home.
KEVIN ROBERTSON How long have you gotten drive from your house?
CHARLIE MOSS Six and a half hours. Probably about,
Was it what you thought it would be?

KEVIN ROBERTSON Yep. Yep. Actually. Yeah. Yeah. Honestly. I mean, yeah. I mean, I thought, I mean, I guess, I guess, you know, my thought was, you know, actually, actually maybe something happened up here, you know, maybe, you know, like a reaction of something, you know, but you know, as long, you know, but if he's found, you know, peace and, you know, comfort, you know what I mean? That's awesome too. So yeah, I'm pleased either way, but I still like to talk to him, you know?

CHARLIE MOSS - NARRATOR I drop Kevin back at his house, wish him well, and begin my drive back home to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Right now, I have a lot of things to think about, a lot of processing to do about the info Shea just shared with Kevin and me. And with more than six hours ahead of me, I’ll have plenty of time to do it.


Charlie Moss and Kevin Robertson meet Shea Willis at Braley Pond to revisit the events that transpired during his murder and six months later when Shea and Chris Pugh investigated the area. Shea explains the art of dowsing and energy reading, as well as her insights into the origins of the mysterious paranormal activity that’s been happening at Braley Pond since 2003.

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